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  • It's Christmas in Tâgileim, or at least for Emperor Tâgfrik! The dwarves are too busy to decorate the entire Capitol but make sure to talk to the king of Dwarves, he likes to gift everybody during this holiday season!


  • When your avatar is blessed, you won't suffer any loss of experiences or skills on your next death
  • Visit the temples of Mirai or Tâgileim to buy a blessing at a cost of 300cc per level
  • Blessings can only be purchased by Noble account users, but will still prevent loss if your Noble account expires


  • New quests added


  • Added discoveries to the auto screen list
  • Fix for the 'hide HUD'-option to make clean screenshots



  • Adjusted (again!) Ceggadys drop rates, she started to run dry on items
  • Ceggadys summon frequency slightly increased


  • Item effects no longer granted from hotkey slots


  • Added/fixed many entries.



  • Northern Dawn rings significantly buffed
  • Throwing Star price set to 2ea
  • Throwing Axe price set to 3ea
  • Keys are no longer sellable
  • Books are no longer sellable


  • New quests added in Northern Dawn
  • Environmental frost ticks adjusted


  • Added & fixed many entries


  • Aegiskeryn HP increased, loot rate increased
  • Thordrak HP increased, loot rate increased
  • Mogrash critical rate reduced, loot rate increased
  • Ceggadys armor shatter value reduced & auto attacks reduced by ~7%, loot rate increased


  • Added option to hide HUD when taking screenshots
  • Journal can be opened/closed via: CTRL+J, can be changed in settings
  • Added support for smooth animation transitions, like fireplace
  • Added ability countdown (default off)
  • Added capacity indicator (default off) - Beta, for feedback only
  • Shops now show the amount of copper you currently hold
  • Fix spell casting delay issue
  • Fix & adjusted default hotkeys settings
  • Fix issue with auto-cast causing buttons to close containers
  • Fix on setting counts when buying items

2023-11-04 - Minor Patch


  • Fix for journal crashing bug when an entry gets reset (Shrachlor's Lair).
  • Fix for keys getting captured when the window is not focus.
  • Fix for some remaining movement crashing issues.
  • Fixed a small font issue in journal.

2023-10-20 - Major Patch


This exciting new feature will help keep track of quests and remind you where you may have left off. Discoveries of new areas will grant experience as well as the many scattered treasures around Erasan. The journal will also link with your map to mark certain areas of interest that you have previous discovered. We hope this helps ease the early player experience, as well as be helpful to our oldest players.

  • journal markers are now interlinked with the journal. By right clicking on the marker you can quickly go to the journal entry.
  • journal filtering and selection is now saved for convenience on re-opening.
  • you can now also hide/show journal markers & town names on the map
  • journal will open on the newly added entry (if there is any)



  • Quasit loot updated
  • Predator loot updated
  • Gath'Moth loot updated
  • Quasit fire DoT damage reduced by ~10%
  • Bar-gura physical damage reduced by ~15% & Firewave damage ~10% | Magic defense slightly reduced | Level 65 => 62
  • Reduced Ceggadys summon quantity when Enraged
  • Adjusted Thunderer's targeting, preferring closer targets
  • Adjusted Mountain Giant's targeting, preferring closer targets
  • Giant level 58 => 56
  • Mountain giant level 62 => 60



  • Fix party inviting issue
  • Fix encoding names in channel
  • 3 new hotkey slots under your equipment HUD. You can assign any items to them. The keys can be changed in the settings menu
  • Items can now stack up to 1000


  • Condemn damage increase by ~8%
  • Condemn mana cost reduced from 80 => 60


  • Fixed various typos
  • Few new quests added across Erasan


  • Boss respawn timer reduced to ~6minutes

2023-08-12 - Minor Patch


  • Fix for several windows that have a list
  • Added the option to pre-load console commands (for instance: "enable combat report"). This can be done via the config file
  • Case insensitive string matching support for list object look-up (it's now easier to add an invitee to your house)


  • Reduced Bar-gura fire wave damage to close targets & telegraph debuff potency
  • Fixed Bar-gura not being able to summon Babau
  • Reduced Babau debuff potency
  • Mogrash ranged damage nerfed
  • Mountain Giant loot updated
  • Dwarf Thunderer loot updated
  • Increased drop chances for Dwarf Thunderer loot
  • Mountain Giant loot updated (maybe something to do with a warhammer)


  • Added weight values to various items
  • New quests & books added
  • Fixed various map bugs
  • Temporary fix for Ceggadys not resetting


  • Added light to Incubal Sword & Dagger
  • Adjusted Incubal Sword stats (Atk 31 => 36, Def 6 => 9, added hit chance 5%, sell price: 2400 => 4500)
  • Adjusted Demon Boots stats (Mdef 5 => 7, Nature bonus 5 => 7, added move speed malus of -5)
  • Adjusted Demon Leggings stats (Destruction 5 => 7, added Nature bonus of 7)
  • Adjusted Frost Wand stats (Nature 15 => 18, Support 15 => 18)
  • Adjusted Demon's Shield stats (Def 44 => 48, Mdef 18 => 22)
  • Adjusted Dragonskull Shield stats (Def 55 => 56, Mdef 14 => 16, added Support bonus of 5)
  • Adjusted Dagger of Cerissa stats (Def 6 => 9, added Dexterity bonus of 10)
  • Adjusted Revolver stats (Speed 2.2 => 2, Atk 35 => 37)
  • Adjusted Dwarven War Hammer stats (is now two-handed, Atk 71 => 82, Def 10 => 12, Speed 1.9 => 2, added Melee damage bonus of 3)
  • Added weights to various items



  • Gloptoad vomit animation updated
  • You bottom will no longer get frozen to the icy tree stump when sitting on it
  • Fixed various map bugs


  • Fixed Wyvern targeting behaviour
  • Fixed an issue with Bar-Gura's ranged damage & telegraph
  • Fixed an issue with Wyvern's telegraph not debuffing players
  • Beastcaller Karr loot updated
  • Increased the chance to drop rare from bosses by ~20%


  • Fix 2H weapon examine (hotfixed)
  • Boss HUD smoother fade/in out
  • Fix for context menu issue on NPC
  • Items now get an outline on hover in containers, equipment, shops and banks
  • Removed 'bulk' button when selling an item from your inventory
  • Auction window is now movable/draggable



  • Prevent avatar logout while in combat. This does not affect force-closing the app, nor disconnections
  • Ability cooldowns are now saved when logging out and reloaded when logging back in
  • Increased respawn delay of bosses to ~10 minutes


  • Frost Wand support bonus 5 => 15
  • Demonbone Sceptre destruction bonus 19 => 15 & support 16 => 15
  • Incubal Dagger redesigned, it's now considered an off-hand
  • Emerald swords redesigned
  • Empty mugs can now be picked up
  • Dragonhide Armor defense 27 => 25
  • Dwarven War Armor defense 24 => 26, magic defense 2 => 3, support 0 => 5, protection removed
  • Dwarven War Helmet defense 11 => 12, magic defense 2 => 3, support 0 => 3, protection removed
  • Dwarven War Skirt support => 3, protection removed
  • Dwarven Noble Leggings protection 2 =>3, support => 3
  • Silver Ring hit chance 10 => 20
  • Serpentine Band now grants +18 dexterity bonus
  • Currency update: silver coin value 50 => 100
    • So 1 silver coin is now 100 copper coins, 1 gold coin is 10 silver coins (previously 20).
    • All silver coins owned by players have been changed to half coins that are still worth 50cc. You can keep using them as currency or simply exchange them for the 100 value coins at the bank.
    • All silver coin amounts in monster loot, quest rewards and most field spawns have been halved.


  • Goblin smoke pit animations fixed
  • New quests added across Northern Dawn
  • New books added, big shoutout to @Till!
  • Ceggadys plot has finally been added


  • NPCs no longer sell books and parchments


  • Monsters may now target avatars without requiring a path to them. This will fix some issues with monster target selection that affected new monsters/areas in particular (lazy Bar-Gura bug)
  • Increase Mogrash's health. 2500 => 3100
  • Mogrash loot updated
  • Beastcaller Karr custom sprite added. (Thanks again, Andre!)
  • Soil Golem defense reduced 195 => 185, gained a new telegraph.
  • Emerald Golem loot updated
  • Wiralof loot updated
  • Skeleton Archer loot updated
  • Mountain Troll loot updated
  • Blowbug level 25 => 24, xp 110 => 100
  • Gloptoad level 36 => 35, xp 370 => 355
  • Soil Golem, level 19 => 18, xp 170 => 160
  • Wiralof, level 40 => 41, xp 420 => 430
  • Increased copper coin drops for Zombie Plaguebearer, Mountain Troll, Skeleton Archer, Rioter (19), Orc Savage
  • Reduced copper coin drops from Gloptoads
  • Removed Demonbone Scythe from Quasit loot table
  • Adjusted loot reduction formula to be a lot more generous. New formula: 1 - 0.05 * (playerLevel - monsterLevel - (5 + FLOOR(playerLevel / 10))) (still capped between 0.5 and 1)


  • Fix for screen size issue where client tried to open the window larger than the actual screen size
  • Fix for client crash caused by path finding issue
  • Edit marker now works properly by presetting the right marker on edit
  • Fix for client crashing when pressing ESC twice (to close the client) during logging in
  • Fix issue with spell aiming; where aiming a spell a slot would use it
  • Fix for targeting not always resetting on layer change.
  • Disabled auto-screenshot for strength, dexterity and wisdom.



  • Golems loot updated
  • Frost Wyvern loot updated
  • Dwarves loot increase


  • Added missing values to baskets
  • Added missing item/tile names
  • Added item descriptions to more rare items


  • Fixed NPC typos


  • Added more quests across Northern Dawn
  • Added more books



  • Adjusted Witch Freia (55 => 52) and Witch Rosice (59 => 54) levels to match their difficulty. Both had an increase of 400 health
  • Northern Dawn loot updated; Includes all demons, Mountain Giant and bosses


  • New books added. More books to come very soon
  • New corpse/treasure quests spread around ND, more to come


  • Fixed issue with panels not saving properly
  • Improved looking window where the width is based on the description size
  • Added ‘physical defense’ item property
  • Possible fix for the ‘creature move’-issue



  • Summons can no longer have their own summons
  • Gath'Moth telegraph damage adjusted
  • Bar-gura can now retarget more often, beware





  • Fixed various map bugs
  • Slight changes to Misty Tor
  • New corpse/treasure quests spread around ND, more to come


  • Fix for stair movement flickering for people who have high latency
  • Fixed black tile issue and with that likely the client crashing issue

2023-06-10 - MAJOR PATCH: Northern Dawn



  • Increase avatar limit from 10 to 20 for Nobles
  • House auction timer reduced from 7 days to 2 days


  • Improved left-click auto walk with some support for multi-layers
  • Smooth stair movement on layer transitions
  • Smooth light transitions on layer transition
  • Creature names fade/in out on layer transitions
  • Added a left-click marker to indicate where you are auto-walking towards.
  • Following players now supports going up/down layers


  • Fixed issue with frame drops; this solution will also have general performance improvements
  • Fixed an issue with invalid creature names
  • Fixed an issue with the client crashing when moving an item while the item disappears


  • When opening containers on the floor, the container now opens at the corpse location for quick loot access
  • New UI visualisations that appear when in boss fights
  • Added option for an attack per second being logged to the console


  • Added in-screen accept/reject window appears on invite
  • New party-channel
  • Party loot displayed to all in party when first opening a corpse
  • Added context interactions in the window
  • Support for adding people by name via your friendliest or a pop-up
  • Added support for transferring leadership
  • Added support for leader to kick avatars from a party
  • Show online friends first
  • Fix for party handshake
  • Revamped shop window
  • Player trade in-screen accept/reject window on invite
  • Added context menu for interactions in the window
  • You can now mute your annoying friends (but they can mute you back)


  • Position of containers is now properly saved per avatar. This applies on yourself, other players, creatures, items, etc. Includes multi-use logic (e.g. to pick between using a ladder or attacking a creatures standing on the same tile)
  • Abilities/spells are now sorted alphabetically
  • Added some extra information on examining abilities and in the spell book
  • Added many new status icons to notify player of states, i.e. hungry.
  • Added support for over 100 markers on the map
  • Fixed issue with being able to drop items directly into main backpack
  • Added support for moving the console to the bottom (widescreen mode)
  • Added edit marker support
  • Fixed issue with transparent tiles that help with layer fading but also seemed to block interacting with things
  • Improved movement rendering by adding framerate correction
  • Containers no longer open larger than needed. For example when it holds 5 items it will only open 2 rows.
  • The duration that the examine window is shown is now based on the contents
  • Added support for clearing the contents of a channel
  • Fixed hotkey ‘default’ button
  • Extended the in-field options of the RMB context menu
  • Avatar window is now movable
  • Added option for automatically take screenshots on significant events (skills, levels, death)
  • Added comma-separator for improved readability when buying/selling in bulk (e.g.: 10,000)
  • Shops no longer close on pressing 'Enter'
  • Channels can now be closed via RMB context menu
  • New chat bubbles to improve readability
  • New splash screen
  • Fixed issue when making a screenshot while dead


  • When login location of an avatar has no walkable ground, the avatar will now login at the temple of the last town they visited
  • Closing doors (and similar world objects) may now push avatars/monsters, with preference given to the facing direction
  • Various largely unexciting maintenence updates
  • Added option for disabling steam-access via the config file


  • Lightning Bomb
    • Targets hit by a triggered lightning bomb are now slowed by -25% for 3s. This will help sorcerers when trying to kite, as well as making the ability more useful from a PVP perspective, without giving the sorcerer any more instance damage
  • Meteor
    • +5% increase in damage on outer tiles of effect. This will make near-misses slightly less punishing for the caster
  • Pillar of Fire
    • +5 Slight increase in instant damage and burning damage over time


  • Monsters may now spawn on levels above/below you, when you can't see them
  • Protectorate Knight
    • Remove ritual dagger from loot
  • Volent Brod
    • Remove ritual dagger from loot
  • Witch
    • Reduce ritual dagger loot drop chance
  • Witch Keka
    • Reduce ritual dagger loot drop chance