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  • We are tuning some bosses levels based on feedback, that will not affect their loot value, only experience.
  • We enjoy players gathering and putting their differences aside to conquer the challenges and bosses we have to offer. With that said, we're increasing the loot value of all major bosses.
  • The idea is, we want people to keep pushing for the rare items but without going completely bankrupt.
  • We'll keep monitoring loot value and listening to feedback!


  • Mogrash blade & axe defense debuff removed


  • Fixed DPI related screenshot issue with DirectX
  • Also hiding boss HUD when taking screenshots without HUD
  • Fix for a targeting issue causing crash when walking off screen
  • Disable scrambled input for console channel when being drunk
  • Hiding item weights when the capacity indicator is disabled



  • Disabled packet aggregation to improve latency issues for all players.


  • Fixed a few quests objectives being out of order


    • Adjusted Bar-gura behavior to prevent stair-hop bug
    • Cleft no longer requires Skaldar to be next to a target
    • Fixed targeting script, previously Skaldar would never change targets due to a bug


  • text at the bottom of the screen is now also hidden when making screenshots
  • fix issue with remaining HUD when making screenshot (please test first!)
  • fixed crashing issue with Thror talking about giants
  • fixed crashing issue minimising client after logging out.
  • 'roll X' console command (rolls a dice of X); usable for party loot distribution, events or perhaps lotteries? (surprise us)
  • when party leader dies, the leadership is transferred (at random) to any of the remaining members
  • NPCs don't longer move while you are trading with them (so they won't walk out of distance)
  • Quests with counters only highlight the journal button when finished.
  • Updated rendered world map to reflect changes
  • Logging per channel (via RMB on channel button), Logs are now saved in sub folders based on the channel name. (This is now removed from settings)
  • Integrated hiding/showing of menu buttons in the context menu (RMB) of the panel. (This is now removed from the settings)
  • Removed 'show markers' from settings menu (already integrated in context menu)
  • Removed 'hide offline friends' from settings menu (alreadt integrated in context menu)
  • Integrated 'inverse scroll' for the world map in context menu
  • OS cursors are now supported via 'miscellaneous' settings


  • Added entry in goblin fortress with exp
  • Added entry in dwarven mines
  • Fixed typos.


  • Taunted monsters and avatars now deal reduced damage (-10%) to enemies that aren't the taunter
  • Updated taunt description to: "Force all monsters within 2 sqm to target you for a few seconds. Taunted creatures deal reduced damage (-10%) to enemies that aren't the taunter. Not staying close to a taunted monster may cause the effect to wear off."
  • Fixed glitch in magic shield on-hit animation.


  • Fixed issue with potion MP/HP stacks (may fix 'perma potion regen' bug)


Urgnarrak is open, the last major area of Northern Dawn!




  • Christmas Event is over
  • Updated Schrachlor's cave
  • New quests
  • West of Empo Sar has been slightly reduced, that is to cut unnecessary dead space
  • Trows took over parts of the Hilafo mines from the wargs


  • Improved journal logic to fix lag issues on quest tiles.
  • Also hide ping & framerate when making screenshots with HUD disabled
  • Stats and skill changes are shown immediately on the UI (Previously it was needed to relog to update the stats)
  • Added support for incrementing attribute points by 10 when you have at least 10 points to spend
  • Added beta feature to show the Skill Pool in the top left corner
  • Added 'blessing' to store/noble window.




  • It's Christmas in Tâgileim, or at least for Emperor Tâgfrik! The dwarves are too busy to decorate the entire Capitol but make sure to talk to the king of Dwarves, he likes to gift everybody during this holiday season!


  • When your avatar is blessed, you won't suffer any loss of experiences or skills on your next death
  • Visit the temples of Mirai or Tâgileim to buy a blessing at a cost of 300cc per level
  • Blessings can only be purchased by Noble account users, but will still prevent loss if your Noble account expires


  • New quests added


  • Added discoveries to the auto screen list
  • Fix for the 'hide HUD'-option to make clean screenshots



  • Adjusted (again!) Ceggadys drop rates, she started to run dry on items
  • Ceggadys summon frequency slightly increased


  • Item effects no longer granted from hotkey slots


  • Added/fixed many entries.



  • Northern Dawn rings significantly buffed
  • Throwing Star price set to 2ea
  • Throwing Axe price set to 3ea
  • Keys are no longer sellable
  • Books are no longer sellable


  • New quests added in Northern Dawn
  • Environmental frost ticks adjusted


  • Added & fixed many entries


  • Aegiskeryn HP increased, loot rate increased
  • Thordrak HP increased, loot rate increased
  • Mogrash critical rate reduced, loot rate increased
  • Ceggadys armor shatter value reduced & auto attacks reduced by ~7%, loot rate increased


  • Added option to hide HUD when taking screenshots
  • Journal can be opened/closed via: CTRL+J, can be changed in settings
  • Added support for smooth animation transitions, like fireplace
  • Added ability countdown (default off)
  • Added capacity indicator (default off) - Beta, for feedback only
  • Shops now show the amount of copper you currently hold
  • Fix spell casting delay issue
  • Fix & adjusted default hotkeys settings
  • Fix issue with auto-cast causing buttons to close containers
  • Fix on setting counts when buying items

2023-11-04 - Minor Patch


  • Fix for journal crashing bug when an entry gets reset (Shrachlor's Lair).
  • Fix for keys getting captured when the window is not focus.
  • Fix for some remaining movement crashing issues.
  • Fixed a small font issue in journal.

2023-10-20 - Major Patch


This exciting new feature will help keep track of quests and remind you where you may have left off. Discoveries of new areas will grant experience as well as the many scattered treasures around Erasan. The journal will also link with your map to mark certain areas of interest that you have previous discovered. We hope this helps ease the early player experience, as well as be helpful to our oldest players.

  • journal markers are now interlinked with the journal. By right clicking on the marker you can quickly go to the journal entry.
  • journal filtering and selection is now saved for convenience on re-opening.
  • you can now also hide/show journal markers & town names on the map
  • journal will open on the newly added entry (if there is any)



  • Quasit loot updated
  • Predator loot updated
  • Gath'Moth loot updated
  • Quasit fire DoT damage reduced by ~10%
  • Bar-gura physical damage reduced by ~15% & Firewave damage ~10% | Magic defense slightly reduced | Level 65 => 62
  • Reduced Ceggadys summon quantity when Enraged
  • Adjusted Thunderer's targeting, preferring closer targets
  • Adjusted Mountain Giant's targeting, preferring closer targets
  • Giant level 58 => 56
  • Mountain giant level 62 => 60



  • Fix party inviting issue
  • Fix encoding names in channel
  • 3 new hotkey slots under your equipment HUD. You can assign any items to them. The keys can be changed in the settings menu
  • Items can now stack up to 1000


  • Condemn damage increase by ~8%
  • Condemn mana cost reduced from 80 => 60


  • Fixed various typos
  • Few new quests added across Erasan


  • Boss respawn timer reduced to ~6minutes

2023-08-12 - Minor Patch


  • Fix for several windows that have a list
  • Added the option to pre-load console commands (for instance: "enable combat report"). This can be done via the config file
  • Case insensitive string matching support for list object look-up (it's now easier to add an invitee to your house)


  • Reduced Bar-gura fire wave damage to close targets & telegraph debuff potency
  • Fixed Bar-gura not being able to summon Babau
  • Reduced Babau debuff potency
  • Mogrash ranged damage nerfed
  • Mountain Giant loot updated
  • Dwarf Thunderer loot updated
  • Increased drop chances for Dwarf Thunderer loot
  • Mountain Giant loot updated (maybe something to do with a warhammer)


  • Added weight values to various items
  • New quests & books added
  • Fixed various map bugs
  • Temporary fix for Ceggadys not resetting


  • Added light to Incubal Sword & Dagger
  • Adjusted Incubal Sword stats (Atk 31 => 36, Def 6 => 9, added hit chance 5%, sell price: 2400 => 4500)
  • Adjusted Demon Boots stats (Mdef 5 => 7, Nature bonus 5 => 7, added move speed malus of -5)
  • Adjusted Demon Leggings stats (Destruction 5 => 7, added Nature bonus of 7)
  • Adjusted Frost Wand stats (Nature 15 => 18, Support 15 => 18)
  • Adjusted Demon's Shield stats (Def 44 => 48, Mdef 18 => 22)
  • Adjusted Dragonskull Shield stats (Def 55 => 56, Mdef 14 => 16, added Support bonus of 5)
  • Adjusted Dagger of Cerissa stats (Def 6 => 9, added Dexterity bonus of 10)
  • Adjusted Revolver stats (Speed 2.2 => 2, Atk 35 => 37)
  • Adjusted Dwarven War Hammer stats (is now two-handed, Atk 71 => 82, Def 10 => 12, Speed 1.9 => 2, added Melee damage bonus of 3)
  • Added weights to various items



  • Gloptoad vomit animation updated
  • You bottom will no longer get frozen to the icy tree stump when sitting on it
  • Fixed various map bugs


  • Fixed Wyvern targeting behaviour
  • Fixed an issue with Bar-Gura's ranged damage & telegraph
  • Fixed an issue with Wyvern's telegraph not debuffing players
  • Beastcaller Karr loot updated
  • Increased the chance to drop rare from bosses by ~20%


  • Fix 2H weapon examine (hotfixed)
  • Boss HUD smoother fade/in out
  • Fix for context menu issue on NPC
  • Items now get an outline on hover in containers, equipment, shops and banks
  • Removed 'bulk' button when selling an item from your inventory
  • Auction window is now movable/draggable



  • Prevent avatar logout while in combat. This does not affect force-closing the app, nor disconnections
  • Ability cooldowns are now saved when logging out and reloaded when logging back in
  • Increased respawn delay of bosses to ~10 minutes


  • Frost Wand support bonus 5 => 15
  • Demonbone Sceptre destruction bonus 19 => 15 & support 16 => 15
  • Incubal Dagger redesigned, it's now considered an off-hand
  • Emerald swords redesigned
  • Empty mugs can now be picked up
  • Dragonhide Armor defense 27 => 25
  • Dwarven War Armor defense 24 => 26, magic defense 2 => 3, support 0 => 5, protection removed
  • Dwarven War Helmet defense 11 => 12, magic defense 2 => 3, support 0 => 3, protection removed
  • Dwarven War Skirt support => 3, protection removed
  • Dwarven Noble Leggings protection 2 =>3, support => 3
  • Silver Ring hit chance 10 => 20
  • Serpentine Band now grants +18 dexterity bonus
  • Currency update: silver coin value 50 => 100
    • So 1 silver coin is now 100 copper coins, 1 gold coin is 10 silver coins (previously 20).
    • All silver coins owned by players have been changed to half coins that are still worth 50cc. You can keep using them as currency or simply exchange them for the 100 value coins at the bank.
    • All silver coin amounts in monster loot, quest rewards and most field spawns have been halved.


  • Goblin smoke pit animations fixed
  • New quests added across Northern Dawn
  • New books added, big shoutout to @Till!
  • Ceggadys plot has finally been added


  • NPCs no longer sell books and parchments


  • Monsters may now target avatars without requiring a path to them. This will fix some issues with monster target selection that affected new monsters/areas in particular (lazy Bar-Gura bug)
  • Increase Mogrash's health. 2500 => 3100
  • Mogrash loot updated
  • Beastcaller Karr custom sprite added. (Thanks again, Andre!)
  • Soil Golem defense reduced 195 => 185, gained a new telegraph.
  • Emerald Golem loot updated
  • Wiralof loot updated
  • Skeleton Archer loot updated
  • Mountain Troll loot updated
  • Blowbug level 25 => 24, xp 110 => 100
  • Gloptoad level 36 => 35, xp 370 => 355
  • Soil Golem, level 19 => 18, xp 170 => 160
  • Wiralof, level 40 => 41, xp 420 => 430
  • Increased copper coin drops for Zombie Plaguebearer, Mountain Troll, Skeleton Archer, Rioter (19), Orc Savage
  • Reduced copper coin drops from Gloptoads
  • Removed Demonbone Scythe from Quasit loot table
  • Adjusted loot reduction formula to be a lot more generous. New formula: 1 - 0.05 * (playerLevel - monsterLevel - (5 + FLOOR(playerLevel / 10))) (still capped between 0.5 and 1)


  • Fix for screen size issue where client tried to open the window larger than the actual screen size
  • Fix for client crash caused by path finding issue
  • Edit marker now works properly by presetting the right marker on edit
  • Fix for client crashing when pressing ESC twice (to close the client) during logging in
  • Fix issue with spell aiming; where aiming a spell a slot would use it
  • Fix for targeting not always resetting on layer change.
  • Disabled auto-screenshot for strength, dexterity and wisdom.



  • Golems loot updated
  • Frost Wyvern loot updated
  • Dwarves loot increase


  • Added missing values to baskets
  • Added missing item/tile names
  • Added item descriptions to more rare items


  • Fixed NPC typos


  • Added more quests across Northern Dawn
  • Added more books



  • Adjusted Witch Freia (55 => 52) and Witch Rosice (59 => 54) levels to match their difficulty. Both had an increase of 400 health
  • Northern Dawn loot updated; Includes all demons, Mountain Giant and bosses


  • New books added. More books to come very soon
  • New corpse/treasure quests spread around ND, more to come


  • Fixed issue with panels not saving properly
  • Improved looking window where the width is based on the description size
  • Added ‘physical defense’ item property
  • Possible fix for the ‘creature move’-issue



  • Summons can no longer have their own summons
  • Gath'Moth telegraph damage adjusted
  • Bar-gura can now retarget more often, beware





  • Fixed various map bugs
  • Slight changes to Misty Tor
  • New corpse/treasure quests spread around ND, more to come


  • Fix for stair movement flickering for people who have high latency
  • Fixed black tile issue and with that likely the client crashing issue

2023-06-10 - MAJOR PATCH: Northern Dawn



  • Increase avatar limit from 10 to 20 for Nobles
  • House auction timer reduced from 7 days to 2 days


  • Improved left-click auto walk with some support for multi-layers
  • Smooth stair movement on layer transitions
  • Smooth light transitions on layer transition
  • Creature names fade/in out on layer transitions
  • Added a left-click marker to indicate where you are auto-walking towards.
  • Following players now supports going up/down layers


  • Fixed issue with frame drops; this solution will also have general performance improvements
  • Fixed an issue with invalid creature names
  • Fixed an issue with the client crashing when moving an item while the item disappears


  • When opening containers on the floor, the container now opens at the corpse location for quick loot access
  • New UI visualisations that appear when in boss fights
  • Added option for an attack per second being logged to the console


  • Added in-screen accept/reject window appears on invite
  • New party-channel
  • Party loot displayed to all in party when first opening a corpse
  • Added context interactions in the window
  • Support for adding people by name via your friendliest or a pop-up
  • Added support for transferring leadership
  • Added support for leader to kick avatars from a party
  • Show online friends first
  • Fix for party handshake
  • Revamped shop window
  • Player trade in-screen accept/reject window on invite
  • Added context menu for interactions in the window
  • You can now mute your annoying friends (but they can mute you back)


  • Position of containers is now properly saved per avatar. This applies on yourself, other players, creatures, items, etc. Includes multi-use logic (e.g. to pick between using a ladder or attacking a creatures standing on the same tile)
  • Abilities/spells are now sorted alphabetically
  • Added some extra information on examining abilities and in the spell book
  • Added many new status icons to notify player of states, i.e. hungry.
  • Added support for over 100 markers on the map
  • Fixed issue with being able to drop items directly into main backpack
  • Added support for moving the console to the bottom (widescreen mode)
  • Added edit marker support
  • Fixed issue with transparent tiles that help with layer fading but also seemed to block interacting with things
  • Improved movement rendering by adding framerate correction
  • Containers no longer open larger than needed. For example when it holds 5 items it will only open 2 rows.
  • The duration that the examine window is shown is now based on the contents
  • Added support for clearing the contents of a channel
  • Fixed hotkey ‘default’ button
  • Extended the in-field options of the RMB context menu
  • Avatar window is now movable
  • Added option for automatically take screenshots on significant events (skills, levels, death)
  • Added comma-separator for improved readability when buying/selling in bulk (e.g.: 10,000)
  • Shops no longer close on pressing 'Enter'
  • Channels can now be closed via RMB context menu
  • New chat bubbles to improve readability
  • New splash screen
  • Fixed issue when making a screenshot while dead


  • When login location of an avatar has no walkable ground, the avatar will now login at the temple of the last town they visited
  • Closing doors (and similar world objects) may now push avatars/monsters, with preference given to the facing direction
  • Various largely unexciting maintenence updates
  • Added option for disabling steam-access via the config file


  • Lightning Bomb
    • Targets hit by a triggered lightning bomb are now slowed by -25% for 3s. This will help sorcerers when trying to kite, as well as making the ability more useful from a PVP perspective, without giving the sorcerer any more instance damage
  • Meteor
    • +5% increase in damage on outer tiles of effect. This will make near-misses slightly less punishing for the caster
  • Pillar of Fire
    • +5 Slight increase in instant damage and burning damage over time


  • Monsters may now spawn on levels above/below you, when you can't see them
  • Protectorate Knight
    • Remove ritual dagger from loot
  • Volent Brod
    • Remove ritual dagger from loot
  • Witch
    • Reduce ritual dagger loot drop chance
  • Witch Keka
    • Reduce ritual dagger loot drop chance



2022-08-28 - MINOR PATCH: Website highscores

  • The website's highscores and avatar pages (https://www.phobosonline.com/community) have needed some attention ever since... well, ever since they were first made! We added filters a few weeks ago, but this didn't deal with the three biggest issues:
  1. Avatar info was always horribly out-of-date
  2. Banned avatars in highscores
  3. Staff avatars in highscores
  • The process of updating the website's avatar data is now fully automated. Which has allowed us to solve all the problems above. Avatars are now saved periodically, on logout, and on server restarts. And currently banned/staff avatars are no longer included in the highscores lists. Some minor UI changes have also been made on these pages.

2022-06-24 - MINOR PATCH: Regional pricing, new website highscores filters, and various other tweaks and fixes


  • Noble account pricing is now adjusted based on the buyer's currency and according to local purchasing power. We welcome your feedback on how these adjustments affect you so that we can improve it further.


  • Added avatar class filters to highscores page. More changes will be coming to the highscores list soon (automatic-updating, filtering out of banned and staff avatars, and more)


  • Added a semi-random offset to in-world damage text, so that damage numbers that hit at the same time will no longer overlap each other
  • Added support for buying up to 30 stacks of countables at once. Stacks are currently capped at the target container remaining slots
  • Visual transparent item now also changes based on holding/releasing shift
  • Fixed small alignment issues with the 'lossless'-widescreen mode
  • Fixed cursor issue when selecting for trade or an invite
  • Fixed holding shift no longer needs to be done after selecting an item/dragging
  • Fixed UI issue with opening containers is now blocked if there's no space left
  • Fixed issue with buying 100 items
  • Fixed UI rendering issue in partylist


  • Pillar of Fire
    • Lowered the damage reduction based on distance from AOE centre from -30% to -15%
    • Adjusted burning damage pattern
    • Increased high-end burn damage scaling by as much as +10%


  • Multishot
    • Pressing 'CTRL' is no longer required for selecting multiple targets


  • Potions
    • Added specific details of potion effects to item descriptions
    • Minor adjustment to potion regen calc. Average regen is unchanged


  • New 'flavour' talks added to various monsters, and timings of periodic talks on other monsters adjusted
  • Monster delay between 'thinking' when idle (no target) now based on move speed, allowing for slightly more natural-looking idle movement
  • Beastmaster
    • Fixed issue with getting stuck when it didn't have line of sight
  • Forest Imp
    • Fixed issue with getting stuck when it didn't have line of sight
  • Helina Floretty
    • Fixed issue with some abilities not triggering. Damage has been reduced to compensate for this
  • Webweaver
    • Fixed issue with getting stuck when it didn't have line of sight
  • Witches (all)
    • Fixed issue with some abilities not triggering. Damage has been reduced to compensate for this


  • Update blood decals & default on-hit animations
  • Fixed an old issue with blood decals, where a changed decal wasn't being updated in the view


  • Added support for fade-out of projectiles mid-flight. This might not sound very interesting, but it allows us to improve the visuals of projectile abilities when blocked by obstacles
  • Improved avatar deletion handling. This was the cause of several crashes since the previous patch
  • Adjust restart before update command to be more informative about how long the server may be offline for

2022-19-06 - 🔥 HOTFIX: Items temporarily lost in bank mailbox

  • Fix bug causing items to be temporarily lost in the mailbox when placed on the last bank slot. You may still encounter this issue, however if you do, simply re-open the bank and click the mailbox button to retrieve the items. A full fix to prevent this entirely will be included in a later patch.

2022-04-02 - MAJOR PATCH: In-game world map & many client quality of life improvements


  • In-game world map
    • Open via shortcut (default: CTRL + E), or by right-clicking minimap
    • Zoom in/out
    • Tracks current position on map
    • Shows town names
    • Add/remove markers
    • Setting/option: hide all markers
    • Fog will slowly clear when discovering the world
    • Fog/game data is saved per account
    • Note: world map will not help you in dungeons
  • Small minimap in UI
    • Fixed position; auto-tracking current location
    • Zoom in/out
    • Optional display of markers


  • Fixed the 'immortal rabbit' issue
    • The auto-attack (AA) combat delay now applies after a successful AA, instead of being applied before an AA
    • The AA combat delay is no longer reset on a failed AA (e.g. due to target being out of range)
    • When chasing a target, some leeway has been added in the melee AA distance check, so that if you target something and just before your AA hits they start moving away, then the AA may still hit


  • UI elements (containers, friendlist, equipment, etc.) can now be pinned/unpinned and moved between panels using RMB context menu
  • UI element layout is now saved & loaded on login (per client, not per player)
    • Size & location of containers is not included in this, but this is also on our todo
  • Friendlist reworked
    • Support for marking people as a 'foe', with RMB context menu functionalities added
  • RMB context menu in channel/chatbox for PM, also support for left click for PM
  • Fixed issues with private messaging which caused messages to be lost sometimes
  • When dragging items you now see a translucent version to know where you'll drop it
  • Setting added to enable/disable holding RMB for continuous movement towards cursor
  • Info channel now logs gained experience
  • Fixed bad formatting on house info window 'Due Date'
  • Fix context menu for guide window
  • Fix to prevent opening multiple character/help/map windows
  • Fixed issue where clicking on an invisible tile ignores any input
  • Fixed issue where you couldn't attack creatures under the widescreen chatbox
  • Fixed centering of skull on death of party member
  • Added support for proper mouse scroll speed input
  • Fixed an issue with setting item count when buying items
  • Disabled feature for using ladders in the top-left square
  • Fixed report channel bug in widescreen
  • Fix for the way that some third-party programs 'steal' the cursor
  • Disabled 'elastic camera' as a standard config option


  • Monster physical (def) and magic defense (mdef) has been significantly reduced on almost all monsters. More specifically, the range of defense values has been narrowed so that it will be rare for any monster to have a def or mdef value less than 100 or more than 200. This has been balanced with increases in monster HP, such that this shouldn't have a major affect on balance. The aim here is that it will help players to feel like they are progressing as they gain levels and skills.
  • Improved quality of monster scripts. You shouldn't actually notice this in-game at all, but it will help us longer-term.
  • There are also several other changes included here that *will* affect balance. And, in general, these adjustments will favour the physical combat classes.
  • Archenaid
    • HP 1700 => 2500
    • DEF 300 => 190
    • MDEF 280 => 200
  • Badger
    • HP 40 => 50
    • DEF 130 => 120
  • Beetle
    • HP 35 => 50
    • DEF 180 => 145
    • MDEF 170 => 145
  • Boar
    • DEF 115 => 110
  • Brown Bear
    • HP 155 => 190
    • DEF 190 => 150
    • MDEF 160 => 135
  • Cave Troll
    • HP 1200 => 1600
    • DEF 240 => 175
    • MDEF 180 => 145
  • Chicken
    • DEF 75 => 85
    • MDEF 75 => 85
  • Ferorn Morphis
    • HP 900 => 1300
    • DEF 260 => 185
    • MDEF 300 => 200
  • Forest Imp
    • HP 90 => 130
    • MDEF 150 => 130
  • Frog
    • HP 50 => 55
    • DEF 120 => 115
    • MDEF 120 => 115
  • Gloptoad
    • HP 500 => 590
    • DEF 150 => 130
    • MDEF 160 => 135
  • Goat
    • HP 32 => 50
    • DEF 125 => 120
  • Goblin
    • HP 85 => 90
  • Goblin Summoner
    • HP 340 => 410
    • DEF 115 => 110
    • MDEF 220 => 165
  • Goblin Witchmaster
    • HP 290 => 300
    • MDEF 190 => 150
  • Goose
    • DEF 85 => 95
  • Grorus
    • HP 2200 => 3000
    • DEF 270 => 185
    • MDEF 210 => 160
  • Helina Floretty
    • HP 560 => 800
    • DEF 270 => 185
    • MDEF 245 => 175
  • Hill Giant
    • HP 3000 => 4300
    • DEF 280 => 190
    • MDEF 240 => 175
  • Huntsman
    • HP 75 => 90
    • DEF 140 => 120
    • MDEF 120 => 130
  • Lord Volent
    • HP 1200 => 2000
    • DEF 320 => 200
    • MDEF 220 => 165
    • Increased loot value by +15%
  • Lucenfly
    • HP 150 => 180
    • DEF 150 => 130
    • MDEF 140 => 125
  • Maggot
    • DEF 80 => 90
    • MDEF 90 => 95
  • Maned Trow
    • HP 90 => 100
    • DEF 160 => 135
    • MDEF 140 => 125
  • Mordrir
    • HP 8000 => 13000
    • DEF 350 => 220
    • MDEF 350 => 220
  • Mountain Troll
    • HP 1300 => 1750
    • DEF 250 => 180
    • MDEF 200 => 155
  • Nysandra Celistriel
    • HP 1100 => 1800
    • DEF 250 => 160
    • MDEF 270 => 185
  • Orc Beastmaster
    • HP 480 => 600
    • DEF 200 => 155
    • MDEF 170 => 140
  • Orc Bowman
    • HP 150 => 200
    • DEF 160 => 135
    • MDEF 130 => 120
  • Orc Brute
    • HP 180 => 200
    • DEF 140 => 125
    • MDEF 120 => 115
  • Orc Hunter
    • HP 480 => 580
    • DEF 170 => 140
    • MDEF 150 => 130
  • Orc Legionnaire
    • HP 550 => 740
    • DEF 260 => 185
    • MDEF 190 => 150
  • Orc Magus
    • HP 440 => 520
    • DEF 140 => 125
    • MDEF 170 => 140
  • Orc Savage
    • HP 1050 => 1250
    • DEF 190 => 150
    • MDEF 160 => 135
  • Ostren
    • HP 130 => 170
    • DEF 180 => 145
    • MDEF 150 => 130
  • Outlaw Bandit
    • HP 450 => 500
    • DEF 210 => 160
    • MDEF 160 => 135
  • Outlaw Hunter
    • HP 350 => 400
    • DEF 165 => 140
    • MDEF 135 => 125
  • Outlaw Thief
    • HP 250 => 260
    • DEF 130 => 120
  • Pisaura
    • HP 410 => 560
    • DEF 230 => 165
    • MDEF 230 => 175
  • Predator
    • HP 900 => 1250
    • DEF 240 => 165
    • MDEF 240 => 180
  • Protectorate Knight
    • HP 900 => 1300
    • DEF 300 => 200
    • MDEF 230 => 170
  • Quagwyrm
    • HP 380 => 420
    • DEF 160 => 135
  • Rabbit
    • DEF 90 => 95
  • Rhodosus
    • HP 240 => 320
    • DEF 260 => 185
    • MDEF 190 => 150
  • Rioter
    • HP 260 => 280
    • DEF 150 => 130
  • Rioter
    • HP 260 => 350
    • DEF 180 => 140
    • MDEF 160 => 130
  • Rioter
    • HP 390 => 500
    • DEF 190 => 150
    • MDEF 150 => 130
  • Rooster
    • DEF 75 => 85
    • MDEF 75 => 85
  • Sal Cotton
    • HP 350 => 500
    • DEF 230 => 170
    • MDEF 190 => 150
  • Shrachlor
    • HP 10000 => 14500
    • DEF 275 => 190
    • MDEF 250 => 190
  • Sirl Imparo
    • HP 1200 => 2000
    • DEF 320 => 180
    • MDEF 300 => 200
  • Sirl Imparo (Dummy)
    • HP 200 => 200
    • DEF 320 => 180
    • MDEF 300 => 200
  • Skeleton
    • HP 120 => 130
    • DEF 150 => 125
  • Skeleton Archer
    • HP 175 => 200
    • DEF 180 => 140
    • MDEF 150 => 140
  • Skeleton Warrior
    • HP 250 => 380
    • DEF 240 => 165
    • MDEF 190 => 165
  • Snake
    • DEF 90 => 95
    • MDEF 100 => 105
  • Soil Golem
    • HP 200 => 300
    • DEF 290 => 195
    • MDEF 230 => 170
  • Spiderling
    • MDEF 100 => 110
  • Squirrel
    • HP 27 => 25
    • DEF 80 => 90
    • MDEF 90 => 95
  • Swamp Troll
    • HP 1100 => 1400
    • DEF 230 => 170
    • MDEF 170 => 140
    • Fixed telegraph ability damage pattern
  • Toad
    • HP 190 => 230
    • DEF 140 => 125
    • MDEF 180 => 145
  • Trow
    • HP 90 => 100
    • DEF 130 => 120
    • MDEF 115 => 110
  • Warg
    • HP 350 => 440
    • DEF 220 => 165
    • MDEF 160 => 135
  • Webweaver
    • DEF 115 => 110
    • MDEF 110 => 115
  • Wiralof
    • HP 650 => 800
    • DEF 200 => 150
    • MDEF 170 => 160
  • Wirathistle
    • HP 800 => 930
    • DEF 150 => 130
    • MDEF 150 => 130
  • Witch
    • HP 900 => 1200
    • DEF 180 => 140
    • MDEF 210 => 160
    • Lightning beam ability is now able to bend around projectile-blocking objects (+/- 1 sqm)
    • Lightning beam ability now has some randomness in its path (+/- 1 sqm)
    • Lightning beam base damage reduced by -12%
    • Lightning beam damage no longer increases with distance
  • Witch Freia
    • HP 1200 => 1700
    • DEF 220 => 160
    • MDEF 260 => 190
  • Witch Keka
    • HP 1000 => 1200
    • DEF 160 => 135
    • MDEF 220 => 165
  • Witch Rosice
    • HP 1300 => 2000
    • DEF 250 => 170
    • MDEF 240 => 180
  • Wolf
    • HP 80 => 90
    • DEF 170 => 140
    • MDEF 130 => 120
  • Wyvern
    • HP 1000 => 1400
    • DEF 170 => 140
    • MDEF 180 => 145
  • Zombie
    • HP 220 => 210
    • DEF 90 => 95
    • MDEF 90 => 95


  • Disembowel
    • Reduced on-hit damage by -6%
    • Base bleed damage reduced by -30%. However, bleed damage is now increased with every caster auto-attack for first 6s of ability. This stacking of bleed damage is now applied with diminishing returns based on the base (starting) bleeding damage. Specifically, every increase in bleed damage is half that of the previous increase. Like so: 1 + 1/2 + 1/4 + 1/8 + 1/16 + [...]. The result is that the maximum bleed damage per tick is 2x the base bleed damage.
    • Bleed minimum duration reduced from 4s to 3s. However, this duration is now reset to 3s on any attack against the target within 6s of the ability being cast. This reset can now be triggered by any source (previously it was only auto-attacks from the caster), with the exception of timed damage effects (e.g. poison).
    • Updated description: "Inflict melee damage on a single target, followed by severe bleeding for 3s. For 6s, attacks against the target reset the bleed duration, and caster auto-attacks against the target increase the bleed damage (max: 2x base, diminishing). [Cooldown: 12s]"


  • Harvest
    • Reduced base and scaling of shield/HP/MP regen to balance this ability somewhat with monster HP/def/mdef changes
    • Increased speed that shield degenerates by +6%
  • Virulence
    • Reduced damage based on target HP to balance this ability somewhat with monster HP/def/mdef changes


  • Various minor map bug fixes


  • Added visual effect on avatars on login/logout


2021-10-31 - MINOR PATCH: post-update fixes


  • Added a new 'house deed' item, which when placed in the bank may be exchanged for a full month rent instead of cash
  • Fixed bug in house rent payments that would have caused Noble account users to lose their house on the second rent payment



2021-10-23 - Housing Update (and beyond)


  • Added skill progress bars to character stats
  • Casting tile-aimed spells now ignores above layers (e.g. treetops)
  • The contents of containers may now be stacked/sorted automatically via the context menu at the top of a container (or CTRL-R)
  • Added auto 'select all' on count when opening split stack window
  • Added NPC channel to channel list. This channel isolates your conversations with NPCs, so it's easier to follow the conversation. Note that this is not intended to be a private channel with NPCs; all NPC inputs/outputs are still shown to other players in the main channel
  • Fixed selecting text (widescreen only)
  • Moved chat input closer to chat bar (widescreen only)
  • Removed green highlight of 'Info' channel (widescreen only)
  • Fixed bug when rendering screenshots with certain settings (widescreen only)
  • Fixed client discord link
  • Fixed negative numbers on bidding
  • Fixed bug caused by players using the same name as an existing channel
  • Increased width of avatar selection list to allow for longer character names
  • Fixed issue with pressing 'enter' in a window (e.g. split stack window)
  • Added an option to keep chats visible for those who want to keep track of channels while hunting (widescreen only)
  • Added optional display of HP/MP bars over your in-game avatar (classic client only; widescreen already had this)
  • Added optional display of status icons over your in-game avatar
  • Allow toggling the HUD display of individual status icons (RMB on a status icon with the show status indicators on HUD setting enabled)
  • Added new smilies
  • Added support for logging the contents of the Info channel, this occurs automatically after you turn it on in settings > console
  • Move single stackable item holding shift (currently only works if you hold shift after you start dragging)
  • Added support for displaying a dropdown/context menu with RMB
  • Can no longer follow monsters
  • CTRL + ALT + LMB on an avatar to open private message channel with them
  • Improve on-hover highlighting outline rendering so that it's clearer when obstructed
  • Made top panel buttons hide/show possible while playing
  • Added 'Wiki' and 'Discord' buttons/links to 'how to guide'
  • Fixed opening channels when switching between screen-modes
  • Fixed long player names in outfit window
  • Fixed crashing bug when using certain items from bank
  • Added HP/MP HUD bars for parties
  • Added multi-language support for 'How to guide'. Portuguese has been added as the first non-English language
  • Added 'Housing'-section to 'How to guide'
  • Fixed random appearance of the red targeting circle on monsters
  • Fixed some minor visual/rendering issues
  • Various minor UI tweaks & improvements
  • Various changes to info and console channels


  • Experience reduction by level is now more generous, allowing a difference in 5 levels before applying any reduction
  • Party experience should no longer be 'lost' when a party member is not there to be awarded it
  • Party experience is now adjusted according to party size (applying to party members that were on-screen of the killed creature or dealt damage to that creature)
    • Formula: 2.2 - 1.7 * EXP(-0.35 * validGroupMembers.Count)
    • Enable the console combat report to display this information whilst in combat
  • Magic defense calculation adjustments, making magic defense a much more valuable item stat
    • Magic defense from items is no longer modified by * 0.25 before being added to the total mdef value
    • Removed armor from mdef calculation
    • Removed shield 'defense' stat from mdef calculation
    • WIS effect on magic defense reduced from 1.0 => 0.6
    • DEX effect on magic defense reduced from 0.25 => 0.2
    • Formula: totalMagicDefense = 100 + DefenderDexterityStat * 0.2 + DefenderWisdomStat * 0.6 + DefenderDefenseSkill * 0.25 + DefenderItemMagicDefense
  • Made combat dodge/block formulas more consistent
  • Fixed issue with server & client disagreeing about which direction a creature is facing after moving diagonally north-east or south-west
  • Offensive spells no longer damage fellow party members when in PVP-enabled regions
  • Ranged ammo no longer taken in the PVP arena
  • Added status icon to display when your avatar has recently been in combat
  • Added status icon to display when on a tile that allows PVP


  • Quickshot
    • Fixed bug preventing casting when only one target
  • Overdraw
    • Projectile now used up on successful shot
  • Berserk
    • No longer blocks ranged auto-attacks when active
    • Active on-hit splash damage and attack speed bonus no longer applies with unarmed combat


  • Enrage
    • Stack accumulation duration increased 4s => 5s
  • Armament
    • Cooldown reduced from 35s => 25s
    • HP regeneration now based on damage taken over duration
  • Charge
    • Damage bonus is now lower initially, but increases with tiles moved
    • On-hit slow now increases with tiles moved
  • Taunt
    • Now specifically triggers a monster to try to change target when applied AND when removed
    • Re-added taunt duration combat text on player request
    • Increased range that taunter has to stay from tauntee from 2.5 sqm to 3.5 sqm. NOTE: This does not affect the initial range that you must be from a monster to taunt it
    • Description updated: "Force all monsters within 2 sqm to target you for a few seconds. Not staying close to a taunted monster may cause the effect to wear off."


  • Acute Frenzy
    • Stacks now accumulate for the first 7 seconds, with each stack lasting 4 seconds
    • Max attack speed bonus is now capped at x5
    • Stacks are no longer reset on changing target


  • Flurry
    • Mana cost reduced from 50 => 40
  • Disembowel
    • Mana cost reduced from 60 => 50 MP
    • Bleed amount calculation now takes into account equipment melee bonuses
  • Impale
    • Mana cost reduced from 50 => 40 MP
  • Bloodlust
    • HP base regen per stack increased from 0 => 1
    • Increased bonus HP regen rate by +15%
    • Regen calculation now supports decimals, with the final value calculated by rounding up/down based on that decimal. Actual effect of this will be an average of -0.5 bonus MP regen per tick
    • NOTE: Combined regen changes here is equal to a regen bonus increase of +17-21%
    • Cooldown reduced from 20s => 18s
    • Added combat text to display max regen per stack
    • Increased regen bonus by +8%


  • Glacial Imbue
    • Now cancels automatically when caster runs out of mana


  • Restoration
    • Instant self-healing is no longer applied when ability is cast on self
  • Mirror Shield
    • Fixed facing direction when diagonal


  • Retribution
    • Slow increased from -20% to -25%
    • Slow no longer stacks
  • Orb Pulse
    • Increase orb pulse range
    • Removed orb destroy-on-hit logic
    • Reduced orb multi-hit damage bonus from +50% to +10%
    • Slow effect is now also affected by multi-hit bonus
    • Fixed bug with training
  • Channel Energy
    • Distance from target effect on damage reduced such that less damage is done between 0-2.5 sqm and slightly more damage is dealt at further distances
  • Condemn
    • On-move damage from target HP reduced by 10-15%
    • On-move base damage increased from 0 => 2
    • Final damage from target HP reduced by -10%
  • Absorb
    • Shield initial value reduced from 20% => 10%
    • Initial shield accumulation increased but with considerable diminishing returns
    • Formula: currentShieldValue + (0.01 / currentShieldValue)
    • By extension, this will mean that accumulated shield has a much lesser effect on final damage
    • Default combat calculation effect on damage increased by +100%
    • Regen amount now supports decimals, with the final value calculated by rounding up/down based on that decimal. Actual effect of this will be an average of -0.5 bonus MP regen per tick


  • Virulence
    • Converted calculation of damage based on target health from a simple multiplication to an exponential, such that HP now contributes slightly less against high HP mobs
  • Doom
    • Re-applied an older change (2020 December 11th) that was mistakenly rolled back
    • Reduced base percentage debuff from 20% to 10%


  • Flash Frost
    • Now blocks movement for 2s from start of ability (after 150ms delay)


  • Added antidote elixir
  • Elixir restore/price adjustments
    • Vial HP/MP restore amount increased from 40 => 70
    • Vial HP/MP cost increased from 25 => 40 cc
    • Flask HP/MP restore amount increased from 67 => 126
    • Flask HP/MP cost increased from 50 => 80 cc
    • Bottle HP/MP restore amount increased from 110 => 169
    • Bottle HP/MP cost increased from 100 => 120 cc
  • Elixirs now restore a more consistent amount of HP/MP (within 7% of the average)
  • Elixir cooldown increased from 0.5 => 1.0s
  • Player inventories have been updated to reflect the above changes, with counts reduced appropriately
  • Added small animation when drinking an elixir
  • Bullet NPC sell price reduced from 1cc => 0.2cc
  • Throwing knife NPC sell price reduced from 10 => 2 cc
  • Equipment move speed modifiers are now displayed correctly when inspected
  • Food nutrition values are now displayed when inspected, the value is equal to the number of seconds that the item may provide your character with natural regen when eaten
  • Fireweed seed
    • NPC sell price reduced from 50 => 40cc
  • Fireweed flower
    • NPC sell price reduced from 25 => 16 cc
  • Xilis mushroom
    • NPC sell price increased from 20 => 45 cc
    • NPC buy price increased from 5 => 9 cc
  • Woodsorrel flower (ooo I wonder why this was changed, what a mystery)
    • NPC sell price reduced from 16 => 12 cc
  • Green substance added weight and updated description to help communicate that it has value
  • Fixed a few minor item/object bugs
  • Fixed garbled symbols on signs/descriptions


  • Combat report now displays experience to next skill level whenever skills are trained
  • Added new 'calculate' console commands which prints out the relevant combat report
  • Added new variable to accurately report item magic defense
  • Fixed distance combat report typo
  • Combat report now hides some irrelevant stats & decimals formatted for better readability
  • Melee attack calculation command no longer works when unarmed
  • Added missing calculation logging to monster ranged attacks
  • Console errors are now printed to console instead of info channel
  • Combat report for mdef no longer refers to "armor"
  • Combat report now lists a separate value from item mdef


  • The region of Eastebb is now PVP-enabled (with the exception of the town of Driftop)
  • Brewing tutorial area improved
    • Cap on foraged plants is now ingredient-specific
    • Fixed misleading hints on some plants when trying to forage in wrong order
    • Added cauldron hints in same style as plants
    • Corrected mentions of health 'draft'
  • Adjusted inaccessible web/spider alcoves in Shrachlor's lair so that she that can't hide in them
  • Moved Eastebb North Cape boat teleport destination on top of the non-PVP hill with the NPC
  • Replaced redundant map PVP warnings
  • Arena now has a periodic block to rejoining the arena (on a simple timer: 30s on, 30s off). This is a slightly lazy way to provide what players have been asking for with restricting rejoining the arena after death
  • Fixed various minor map bugs


  • Fixed various minor NPC bugs
  • Added new auctioneer NPCs
  • Added new NPCs to Brookton, Aylestone, and Driftop


  • Fixed various bugs and odd behaviours
  • Adjusted monster talk colors
  • Added monster ability visual feedback in the form of animations and 'talks' on/before casting
  • Archenaid
    • Increased walk around rate slightly
    • Can now attack multiple times per turn
    • Decreased base damage
  • Bear
    • May now charge at its targets
  • Boar
    • Charge ability now deals bonus damage, and resets when > 2 sqm away from target
  • Cave Troll
    • Increased chance and minimum damage from ranged attacks
    • Rocks now slightly slow players
    • Defense debuff when under 20% HP
    • Defense modifier on low HP reduced from *0.66% => *0.75
  • Ferorn Morphis
    • Healing is now on a minimum cooldown of 6s
  • Giant
    • Physical defense reduced by -7%
    • Added warning to ground smash
    • Abilities adjusted
    • Increased telegraph damage
    • Loot adjusted (no items removed)
  • Gloptoad
    • Can now poison
  • Helina
    • Gained a new bleed-causing ability
  • Knight of the Protectorate
    • Gained a new 'telegraphed' ability
    • Reduced telegraph damage
    • Fixed telegraph aim
    • Added new AOE frontal attack which affects the facing tile after a warning
  • Maned Trow
    • Now throws pebbles when at range
  • Mordrir
    • Gained a new 'telegraphed' ability
    • Pathing behaviour adjusted
    • Firestorm ability now affects avatars even when stacked on the same tile
    • Firestorm ability damage reduced by -20%
    • Haste increased
    • Slow increased
  • Mountain Troll
    • Experience corrected 455 => 480
  • Nysandra
    • Adjusted poison tick
  • Orc Legionnaire
    • Reduced chance of shield block triggering
  • Orc Savage
    • Gained a new 'telegraphed' ability
    • Enters rage when under 33% HP
    • Fixed cleave ability trigger
    • Defense debuff nerfed
  • Orc Legionnaire
    • Now has a double hit ability
  • Outlaw Archer
    • Gained a new ability
  • Outlaw Bandit
    • Gained a new ability
  • Outlaw Thief
    • Gained a new ability
  • Predator
    • Reduced walk around rate slightly
    • Can now attack multiple times per turn
    • Decreased base damage
  • Rhodosus
    • Now has a cooldown on it's charge
  • Sal Cotton
    • Can now cause bleeding to players
    • Increased base damage
    • Reduced default melee damage
    • Old poison effect is now a bleed
  • Shrachlor
    • Healing cooldown increased by +1s at all health levels
    • Added combat delay after heal by draining to give blockers a chance against the no-counterplay instadeath that would likely occur if another attack hit straight after
    • Damage bonus when very low HP reduced by -13%
    • Fixed LOS movement issue when target is at a certain distance
  • Skeleton
    • Gained a moderate crit ability
  • Skeleton Archer
    • Archer can cast Double Shot
    • Increased base damage
  • Skeleton Warrior
    • Gained a new 'telegraphed' ability
    • Increased base damage
    • Reduced telegraph damage
    • Telegraph now only hits frontal sqm
    • Animation for frenzy added
  • Soil Golem
    • Increased base damage
    • Increased damage output slightly
    • Added an occasional crit with a warning
  • Swamp Troll
    • Gained a new 'telegraphed' ability
  • Volent Brod
    • Added new AOE frontal attack with warning
    • Increased telegraph damage
  • Warg
    • Can now cause bleeding to players
    • Heavily slow down players
  • Wirathistle
    • Gained a new 'telegraphed' ability
  • Wiralof
    • Added minor slow on melee damage
    • Bleeding damage reduced
    • Pounce speed increased
  • Witch
    • Gained a new 'telegraphed' ability
    • Fixed pathing when in rage mode
  • Witch Keka
    • Gained a new 'telegraphed' ability
    • AOE poison damage increased
  • Wolf
    • Can slow down players
  • Wyvern
    • Ability adjusted


  • Adjusted tile preference when going up/down stairs/ladders/holes according to the direction of the stair/ladder/hole
  • Tile preference now specifically considered other stairs/holes, so you should never land on a stair or hole
  • Tile preference may cause you to be placed on top of movement-blocking objects (if there are no other preferable tiles)
  • Tile preference is now influenced by creatures (as a secondary concern over movement-blocking objects)
  • Server now rejects new avatar names which match certain disallowed terms
  • The system also supports partial-matching with these terms, but these will only be flagged up to us as suspicious (for manual review), rather than rejected outright

2021-01-24 - MINOR PATCH: A little bit of everything

    • Fixed crash caused by having dexterity lower than 0
    • Fixed crash relating to friend list not updating correctly on death
    • Added setting to not prompt to split a stack when moving it
    • Added option to auto-loot items into your main container on holding space and clicking LMB
    • Added support for container auto-open height to be adjustable in the config file
    • Fixed special characters in PM & public channels
    • Added extra details on the relevant coin values on buying & selling items
    • Fixed rendering bug in idle animations
    • Optimised elastic camera
    • Added a basic brewing tutorial to the hill on the north-west side of town
    • Moved potion/wand seller to the hill to the north-west of the market (old Apprentice Guild location)
    • Moved Page/Apprentice guilds so that they're now next to one another, and placed between the temple and market
    • Replaced the two team win levels with a single win level in the middle of the map
    • Centred arena to allow for fair win lever placement and cleaner lobby area
    • Moved the SE/SW capture points further north and more central
    • Overall this should help to direct combat into a smallers area, making it more appealing for smaller teams
    • New ability: Taunt
      • Forces all monsters within 2sqm to target the caster for a few seconds
      • Monster retargeting may take between 0-2s after the ability is cast due to the way that monster retargeting works
      • Duration scales with support skill: [Duration (ms) = (SupportAttackValue * 3.0) + 4000]
      • Effect is ignored (but modifier not specifically removed) if is caster: is not within 2sqm of taunted monster; is not on same map level as taunted monster; is not in line-of-sight of taunted monster; is not attackable by taunted monster.
    • Added a console command to show your current/max capacity: show capacity. This is intended for feedback/testing purposes only
    • Maximum capacity is based on strength and level [MaximumCapacity = 20000 + (level * 2000) + (strength * 1000)]
    • Pushing is no longer possible if the destination tile is a PVP region
    • Swapping is no longer possible if either the source or destination tile is a PVP region
    • Increased base move speed by +8%
    • Reduced scaling by level and dexterity to compensate for the above change; high level characters will not notice any difference in their move speed
    • Adjusted stair behaviour to never place players on top of other stairs or stairholes
    • Shrachlor
      • Healing rate from damage dealt reduced by 50%
    • Mordrir
      • Fixed bug that prevented healing ability from ever going on cooldown
    • Giant
      • Physical defense reduced by -8%
      • Loot adjusted
  • NPCS
    • Kurt feather quest bug fixed
    • Marik long text on greeting shortened
    • Hannah typo fixed
    • Butcher NPC idle outfit mask fixed
    • Flash Frost animation overlay parameters corrected
    • Kettle decorative object stack parameter fixed
    • Auto-close door color inconsistencies fixed
  • MISC

2021-01-01 - Happy New Year patch!


  • Some of you have been with us for over a decade. Many of you also supported us early on with donations, and this enabled us to keep a server online. We wouldn't be where we are now without you. So, for those of you who donated to us or actively contributed to our closed beta development, we've dropped a very small thank you into the bank/storage: a pair of Boots of Patience. This gift is once-per email, so please check the bank of your highest level character.
    • NOTE: This was done by checking for in-game accounts associated with supporter and closed beta email addresses. There was no level restrictions for supporters, but closed beta accounts had to have a level 10 or above on the account to qualify. If you were part of the closed beta, and think that you've been missed out, please contact us on Discord.


  • Reduced the heal spam of various monsters when they have no target. Previously this could occur as much as 20 times a second. Now monsters only heal like this once a second, but at a higher rate. This shouldn't change their behaviour, but will slightly improve performance.


  • Fixed bug in Arian feather quest that caused him to repeatedly ask for feathers even after the players brought him some


  • Lower value coins are now taken first when trading/exchanging (copper > silver > gold)


  • Stairs now specifically reject teleporting players onto other stairs or stairholes
  • Adjusted offset of ladders slightly to allow for outline to surround it completely


  • Several more monsters now self heal when they have no target:
    • Archenaid
    • Giant
    • Grorus
    • Lucenfly (because they weren't annoying enough already)
    • Orc Savage
    • Sal Cotton
    • Wiralof
  • Giant (Tomb of Vril)
    • Giants in the Tomb of Vril no longer give any loot
  • Shrachlor
    • AoE damage to heal ability now also affects players (previously it only affected other monsters)
    • Ranged missile attack damage reduced by -20%
  • Mordrir
    • Reduced the cooldown reduction when taking damage from 1s/damage => 0.5s/damage
    • Increased fireball damage by +7%
  • Blowbug
    • Experience reduced from 225 => 110 (level unchanged)
  • Idle animations re-added to certain monsters
    • Wirathistle
    • Quagwyrm
    • Lucenfly


  • Short bridge added between Timari and Greenwood to prevent luring of higher-level creatures into town


  • All wand stats have been reduced significantly. Historically, giving newly-promoted mages a single item that increases their magical damage by between 10-20% made sense, because magical skills increased much more slowly than physical combat stats, and there weren't as many items with magical stats. However, we now have more magical items (e.g. Boots of Nieanah, Magician's Gloves, Dragonskull Shield, Dragontooth Ring, Stormwitch Ring, Stormwitch Talisman, etc.), and magic skill learning rates have been increased considerably since then, and it is clear that the high stats on wands are a significant factor that contribute to the overpowered damage of low-level mages. Overall, this will mean a real-world damage reduction of 10-20% for low-level mages (who initially rely on the wand for almost all their damage buffs), and a reduction of 5-10% for higher levels (who have access to better gear with other magic stats).
  • Base stats on all wands reduced from +10% => +5% (i.e. whenever an item had +10% before, it probably has +5% now)
  • Low level wand stats reduced by -50%
  • High-level wand stats reduced by -33%
  • All new wand stats:
    • Spellcaster's wand: N5, D5, P5, S5
    • Sapling wand: N10, D5, P5, S5
    • Ember wand: N5, D10, P5, S5
    • Ram totem wand: N11, D5, P5, S8
    • Amethyst wand: N9, D9, P9, S9
    • Viper wand: N13, D5, P5, S5
    • Skull wand: N5, D11, P5, S8
    • Soulfire wand: N5, D12, P5, S5
    • Winged death wand: N5, D14, P5, S5
    • Cobra wand: N15, D5, P5, S5
    • Whistling wand: N14, D5, P12, S5
    • Wildwood wand: N14, D5, P5, S12
    • Necromantic wand: N5, D14, P5, S14
    • Dragonbreath wand: N5, D16, P9, S5
    • Stormwitch Lantern: N14, D14, P5, S5
    • Plague wand: N18, D5, P5, S5
    • Vehement wand: N5, D18, P5, S5
    • Stemsoul wand: N16, D16, P5, S5
    • Tempest Lantern: N18, D16, P5, S5
    • Havoc wand: N5, D20, P5, S5
    • Maelstrom wand: N20, D5, P5, S5
    • Lantern of Nieanah: N17, D19, P5, S5
    • For the 2 players who own another wand that isn't currently on the wiki, and so has not been included here: check your backpack!


  • Fixed missing names for a few in-game decorative items
  • Dragonscale Armor
    • Description typo fixed
  • Malieran Battle Robe Leggings
    • Magic defense reduced from 4 => 3
    • Ranged damage buff reduced from 3% => 2%
  • Malieran Battle Robe
    • Physical defense reduced from 22 => 21
    • Magic defense reduced from 10 => 8
    • Melee damage reduced from 7% => 5%
    • Ranged damage reduced from 7% => 4%
  • Shrachlor's Leggings
    • Fixed bug with it not being pickup-able
  • Shrachlor's Helmet
    • Fixed bug with it not being pickup-able
  • Felhur's Dreadhammer
    • Attack reduced 80 => 77
  • Witherfear warhammer
    • Attack increased 78 => 79


  • Knight Defense skill learning formula base value reduced from 1.137 => 1.135 (faster skill learning)
  • Rogue Dagger skill learning formula base value reduced from 1.152 => 1.15 (faster skill learning)
  • Rogue Throwing skill learning formula base value reduced from 1.152 => 1.15 (faster skill learning)


  • Swarm
    • Reduced damage scaling curve slightly. Peak damage is unchanged, but the build up/down is now slightly slower
  • Virulence
    • Target damage output debuff now scales with caster's stats
    • Slowed down last few damage ticks so that ability now lasts
    • Updated description to clarify that the 'damage based on target HP' is actually only part of the damage calculation
  • Harvest
    • Increased regen scaling by stats by +20%
    • Reduced base regen/shield scaling based on damage by -50%
    • NOTE: Overall this is a big nerf, and increases the need for players to use support equipment to make full use of the ability


  • Armament
    • Increased scaling of defense debuff based on stats
    • Mana cost reduced from 90MP => 70MP
    • Cooldown reduced from 40s => 35s
  • Riposte
    • Reflected damage total is now capped based on caster's defense stats (calculated defense value * 0.2)


  • Barbarous Throw
    • Mana cost reduced from 50MP => 40MP
  • Disembowel
    • Mana cost reduced from 75 MP => 60MP
  • Impale
    • Mana cost reduced from 60MP => 50MP


  • Glacial Imbue
    • Attack animation no longer displays when the target is not within LOS


  • Absorb
    • Delay between timeout warning animation and effect being removed increased 1600ms => 2400ms


2020-12-29 - 🔥 HOTFIX: Noble account time check fix

  • Fixed bug some players were having with Noble time check, occurring when there were gaps between Noble account status

2020-12-15 - Disconnections discontinued


  • Fixed a bug that caused some of the client disconnection issues that many players have suffered from
  • We are aware of one other cause of this


  • It's no longer possible to push players into stairs or stairholes.
  • Note: it is still possible to push people into 'green-swirly teleports'...


  • Fixed incorrectly assigned action type of barrels and a few other world objects


  • Removed duplicated speed buffs/debuffs cast by various monsters. There were previously used to smooth out the speed changes. But thanks to changes to the way the client handles movement speed in the last patch, this is no longer necessary.
  • Soil Golem
    • Fixed bug that caused golem to become passive after first hit
  • Wyvern
    • Tuned how HP affects movement speed
    • Reduced speed debuff calls because it was getting called way too often



  • Smite
    • Primary target damage reduced -20%
    • Heal fraction by damage increased +20%
  • Restoration
    • Cooldown increased from 10s to 15s (NOTE: The old cooldown was functionally only 5s, since the ability's effect lasted for 5s)



  • Armament
    • Defense debuff now scales with stats
    • Temporarily added a yellow 'combat text' to appear on ability casting, which shows the defense buff you'll receive (will be removed later, this is just useful for testing)

2020-12-11 - More monster defense changes


  • Fixed crash caused by buying from store and disconnecting
  • Fixed potential crash caused by a certain monster ability


  • Added a new CTRL + [key] (default: Ctrl-R) option to semi 'auto-stack' a container by hovering over the container. This works by looking for similar items in the hovered container and stacking them together where possible.
  • Containers may now open with a height such that 2 rows are displayed (find this in: Settings > General > Gameplay)
  • Fixed how client handles movement speed changes (i.e. speed buffs/debuff), so that it no longer causes stuttered movement when changes are applied whilst moving between tiles
  • Added a bit of delay to movement caching to reduce the chance of moving 2 tiles at once
  • Tutorial messages now have a blinking 'I' to get more attention.
  • Tutorial messages now stay visible longer depending on their message length
  • Fix bug in rendering screenshots in widescreen-mode
  • Rearranged general settings: 'Gameplay', 'Interface', 'Esthetics' and 'Miscellaneous'
  • Adding more detail to all the setting option descriptions in 'general', 'consoles' and 'functions'
  • Removed 'Screen Status' setting which showed the red highlights around screen edges when taking damage (only applied to the old UI)
  • Removed 'network' settings window
  • 'Report' button moved into top left and links to discord
  • Coloring the new 'report' button red and the 'how to guide' green
  • On death the 'logout' button will blink
  • Added extra information to Store process to inform users on switching there driver to OpenGL if the Steam page does not popup
  • Fixed handling of 'hidden' NPCs with no name. They are now no longer attackable/followable, no longer show empty, and no longer shows ":" on speech
  • Fixed a bug in onscreen paragraphs duration of visibility


  • PVP training in the arena has been disabled. This was allowed until now in order to encourage players to visit the arena. But as many of you know, more people were using it for semi-AFK training than for PVP. We apologise for the delay on removing this.
  • A few accounts have been banned for using macros in the arena. However, no one has, nor will be, punished for using the arena simply for training. This is for two reasons:
    • We never said that it was against the rules
    • We don't log much data about what characters do in the arena, so it's not possible for us to determine how much players actually gained skills by this method


  • Fixed neutral monster movement when not aggroed
  • Fixed monster movement when target is not reachable
  • Mordrir
    • Now self-heals with cooldown reduced with every incoming damage hit
    • Movement around blocking objects improved
    • If the current target is out of LOS but can be reached, then Mordrir may haste to catch up
    • Reduced stat debuff whilst in 'fire breath' mode by 30%
    • Firestorm ability is no longer blocked by an ongoing fire breath
  • Shrachlor
    • Movement speed increased +10%
  • Witch Freia
    • Close range damage increased
    • Now walks randomly to escape when running away from target
  • Soil Golem
    • Movement pattern bug fixed






  • Cursed Ground
    • Target defense debuff now scales slightly with nature/destruction skill (9% - 13%)
    • Fixed bug with nature skill not being considered in damage calculation


  • Riposte
    • Now reflects any incoming attack (including ranged and magic), but only if the aggressor is within 1 sqm (previously this only worked against monsters with combined magic/physical attacks)
    • No longer grants the caster bonus movement speed on a successful riposte
  • Heroic Strike
    • Cooldown reduced from 18s => 15s
    • Facing direction attack value increase by +5%


  • Doom
    • Base percentage bonus reduced from 20% => 14%

2020-12-03 - Hotkeys, and help for Rangers


  • Fixed bug with not being able to cast abilities from hotkey if bound to a symbol
  • Fixed bug where holding one hotkey down blocked others



  • Giant
    • Change target chance reduced by -50%
  • Wyvern
    • Change target chance reduced by -60%
    • 'SHREEEE' ability cooldown increased from 4s => 8s, but this is reduced by 75% when taking damage over 150 within 0.5s
    • HP increased from 800 to 1000
    • Physical defense increased from 150 => 160
    • Magical defense increased from 150 => 175


  • Glacial Imbue
    • Increased glacial imbue ice crystal duration 6s => 7s
    • Increased glacial imbue per-crystal rupture end damage
    • Projectile custom animation added
  • Static Shot
    • Increased damage by +20%
    • Increased slow from -15% => -20%
    • Increased damage split when multiple targets are affected
  • Barkskin
    • Increased shield size by +10%
    • Shield is now calculated based on protection & nature
    • Reduced shield replenishment time from 3s => 2.5s
  • Homing Shot
    • Increased damage by +10%


  • Enrage
    • Now generates stacks on dealing damage (as well as taking hits)

2020-11-30 - Well-Needed Post-Release TLC


  • Hotbar now displays the hotkey assigned to each slot (instead of F1-12, as it was before)
  • Fixed tile-targeted ability offset when moving
  • Fixed inconsistencies with facing direction when moving and turning with Ctrl
  • Tweaks to WASD diagonal movement to make it feel less 'slidey'
  • Fixed hotkeys not working when holding WASD to move diagonally
  • Added a 'trade' button to NPC shops (no auto-stacking on this yet)
  • Fixed pasting of special characters
  • Fixed monster idle animation outlines
  • Fixed outline alignment on non-moving objects
  • Fixed offset on certain animated items when buying/selling to NPC (e.g. worms)
  • Fixed 'auto-looting' bug
  • Added noble account section in 'How to guide'
  • Updated client default settings
  • OpenGL is now the default client video driver


  • Added support for adaptive packet sizes. This gives us a lot more breathing room when it comes to player load.


  • Timar
    • Remapped parts of Timari sewers, making them more easy to navigate
    • Adjusted certain tutorial message prompts to appear more/less frequently depending on player's behaviour
  • Eastebb Orc Fortress
    • Sacrificial chambers quest updated to be considerably more challenging
  • Various minor map bugs fixed


  • Experience is no longer granted to party members if they (A) did no damage, and (B) aren't within visual range of the dying creature.


  • Adjusted the offset of certain ladders so that they're a little more user-friendly for players unfamiliar with the game



  • Shrachlor's drain/self healing now deals true damage based on each target's current HP instead of an attack/defender combat calculation
  • Shrachlor's targeting now favours avatars with lower relative HP
  • Witch Rosice healing increased to make up for not always self healing when no target (this is happening because monsters 'sleep' when there isn't a player nearby, and Rosice's spawn is too far from shore)
  • Giant level increased more in line with it's new difficulty from 50 => 58
  • Giant experience increased more in line with it's new difficulty from 600 => 655
  • Grorus combat behaviour updated to be more in-line with Giants
  • Protectorate Knight healing when no target available increased by +100%
  • Volent Brod now heals properly when no target available



  • Quickshot
    • Reduced number of projectiles fired from Quickshot from 3 to 2 (still with 150ms delay between shots)


  • Harvest
    • Duration reduced 10s => 8s
    • HP/MP regen per damage tick reduced by -60%
    • Shield regen per damage tick reduced by -40%
    • Shield now degenerates after duration at a rate of -15% / s
  • Doom
    • Reduced debuff base amount from 25% => 22%
    • Increased debuff scaling with stats
  • Ensnare
    • Bonus damage is now dealt on the second tick (600ms) instead of first (300ms)
    • Reduced bonus tick damage (above) by -25%

2020-11-24 - MINOR UPDATE: Various fixes, and a few quality of life improvements

  • You can now push/swap other players in non-PVP areas. Let us know how this impacts the issues with people blocking narrow passages (and whether it creates any new problems as well!)
  • Diagonal movement is now allowed by holding WASD, arrow, or numpad keys, and it is glorious
  • Removed old auto-updater code, since it was causing issues with Microsoft Windows Defender
  • Bug in Shrachlor damage at high-HP fixed
  • Fixed bugged sign in Mirai's Cemetary of the Nameless
  • Hill Giant physical defense reduced from 350 => 300
  • Hill Giant HP increased from 2700 => 3000
  • NPC Flynn in Driftop now buys distance weapons
  • Corrected Boots of Nieanah item name
  • Fixed 2 server-crashing bugs

2020-11-21 - MINOR UPDATE: A few unrelated changes

  • Clearer login protocol for Steam users, especially for players with new accounts
  • Widescreen chat channels are now always visible, so that you can see when you're receiving new messages without having to open chat
  • PVP potions are now flasks instead of bottles (provide less HP/MP)
  • Various minor map bug fixes
  • Mordrir movement behaviour when target is out of LOS adjusted
  • Settings will no longer be reset on every. single. update... from now on 🙃

2020-10-20 - Steam Release & Noble accounts


  • The only benefit of this for players right now is access to the fast travel/boat system. But more Noble account features are on the way
  • All boats are therefore now Noble account only (the only exception is the use of boats to get to/from the new PVP arena)
  • Phobos accounts may now be linked to your Steam account, giving various benefits over the standalone client


  • Added a dedicated team PVP arena area with capture points
  • To win the game, you simply need to pull the 'win lever' on the enemy team's side of the map. However, this lever may only be used if your team controls all four capture points. Walk over all tiles around a point to capture or defend it. When a capture point is taken, it is recolored to show that which team controls it. Ground tiles also change color based on which team controls each point.
  • This will replace the previous PVP testing area in Queensbridge, which should no longer be PVP-enabled
  • There is no level requirement to join the arena. However, it is intended for experienced players. So only characters who have left the starting area of Timar are allowed.
  • Talk to the boat NPCs in any of the major towns/cities about transport to the arena.
  • No level or skill experience loss when dying in the arena
  • Skill training is allowed between players
  • Free 'PVP potions' are usable (interact with the potion statue in your team's zone to get these)


  • Various new quests added
  • Various old quests finished/updated (in most cases these can be completed again, even if you completed it before)
  • Spirit: the Lone Element is now accepted by Elder Librarian Zous
    • NOTE: Unfortunately this will only work with the new version of the book at the moment. The original quest id has been updated so that you will be able to complete it again.


  • New lever/pressure pad system introduced
  • Various minor map updates
  • NPC Thom Alingson now just handles promotions
  • NPC George and NPC Amicia are now accessible inside the Guilds of Learning building in Empo Sar. These two will now handle teaching players abilities, instead of Thom.
  • Dragon statues now contain water...


  • Fixed 'ornate gate' open/closed graphics
  • Fixed 'stone tile' border graphics
  • Quake Robe sprite updated
  • Protectorate Knight monster sprite graphical bug fixed


  • A temporary console command has been added to allow you to reset your avatar's attributes (Strength, Dexterity, Wisdom)
  • To do so, open the console and type: attributes reset
  • This will be available for at least one week
  • Your character must have full HP/MP in order to use this


  • Widescreen mode
    • We recommend that all players use this new client skin
    • Makes much better use of screen space on modern wider displays
    • It also includes HP/MP bars over your character
    • If you want to change back to the old one, you can do so via Settings -> General -> Widescreen (can't be done when logged in)
  • Added a black box behind tutorial messages to help readability
  • MP bar is now bluer, helping distinguish it from the HP bar
  • Client help panel content updated
  • Added a helpful "You are dead" message when you are dead
  • Updated various client disconnection/error messages to be more accurate and useful
  • Updated descriptions of what STR/DEX/WIS actually does for a character in the 'Increase Attributes panel'
  • Using an aimed ability on a stack of items in your inventory no longer pops up a split stack window (!)


  • Multiple potions can now be brewed at once by adding more vials/flask/bottles. The maximum number that may be crafted at one time depends on the number of ingredients in the recipe (amounts above 100 for any one ingredient are not supported)
  • Range in potion ingredients required for potions removed (for recipes that previously had ingredient count ranges, the minimum value is now uses)
  • Big thanks to Lans for taking on the tedious job of doing this


  • PVP elixirs may now only be used in the arena (instead of in any PVP-enabled area, as before)
  • Fixed bug with potion drinking delay not always displaying a status effect icon
  • Health Elixir
    • Instant HP restore reduced by -30%
    • Now grants bonus HP regen for 20s, stacking up to maximum of +10 MP/s (vial: +1 HP/s, flask: +2 HP/s, bottle: +3 HP/s)
  • Mana Elixir
    • Instant MP restore reduced by -30%
    • Now grants bonus MP regen for 20s, stacking up to maximum of +10 MP/s (vial: +1 MP/s, flask: +2 MP/s, bottle: +3 MP/s)
  • Quickboots
    • NPC buy price 400 => 4500
    • NPC sell price 100000 => 70000
  • Winged boots
    • NPC buy price 800 => 12000
    • NPC sell price 500000 => 200000
  • Boots of Haste
    • NPC buy price 5000 => 40000
    • NPC sell price 1200000 => 1000000
  • Stormwitch Hood
    • NPC buy price 500 => 5000
  • Urys' Firestone Amulet stats adjusted (yes, these are still meant to be different to the regular Firestone Amulet)
    • Destruction 15% => 8%
    • Magic Defense 15 => 12


  • Idle movement fixes on many monsters (moving around randomly when there's no target)
  • All bosses and many higher level monsters now gradually regenerate health when there is no target. Sorry not sorry, stairhoppers.
  • Giant
    • Given new ability(s)
    • Reduced magic defense by -10%
    • Adjusted the combat delay on ranged damage so that higher damage hits cause an equally longer combat delay
    • Increased damage from "SMASH" ability by +20%
    • Adjusted ability cooldowns slightly to increase randomness
    • Fixed bug that blocked movement pathfinding in certain scenarios
  • Mordrir
    • Is now accessible at the top of the Weeping Peak in Korlayra
    • Given new ability(s)
    • Total HP increased from 4000 => 8000
    • Physical defense increased by +25%
    • Magical defense increased by +25%
    • Damage increased by +10%
    • Self-healing now correctly occurs occasionally during combat
    • "CHOMP" damage increased by +15%
    • "CHOMP" life-steal increased by +30%
  • Sirl
    • Given new ability(s)
    • Maximum HP increased 800 => 1200
  • Nysandra
    • Given new ability(s)
    • Target selection behaviour adjusted
    • Added short cooldown to her high-damage poison ability, so that it doesn't get cancelled
    • Maximum HP increased 800 => 1100
  • Ferorn
    • Given new ability(s)
    • Maximum HP increased 600 => 900
    • Experience level 39 => 45
  • Witch Rosice
    • Given new ability(s)
    • Magic damage increased 10%
    • Healing increased +20%
    • Experience level 53 => 59
  • All spiders
    • Spider poison attacks now have long cooldowns (15-30s, depending on spider)
    • This will reduce the chance of new poison effects overriding existing ones (at least from the same spider)
    • The longer-term goal here is to implement support for poison to stack



  • Swift Strike
    • Description of increasing damage by +15% amended to +20% to better represent the actual damage bonus
    • NOTE: This isn't strictly true; the current calculation is actually (damage * 1.15) + 8


  • Quickshot
    • Changed functionality: Now quickly shoots 3 ranged auto-attacks at the current target (within 0.5s), temporarily ignoring weapon attack speed.
    • No longer grants bonus damage
    • Cooldown increased 3s => 6s


  • Precision
    • Fixed bug that allowed the bonus damage to be dealt to targets that weren't actually attackable
  • Quickshot/Multishot
    • Fixed bug that turns you into a machine gun
    • Fixed server crashing bug caused by incomplete ammo check


    • Increased on-rupture damage by +25%
    • Note that this ability is also buffed by the change to Quickshot


  • Pillar of Fire
    • Area of effect increased from radius of 1 to 2
    • Outer tile damage reduced by -8%
  • Flash Frost
    • Movement speed debuff maximum increased from -40% to -50%


  • Harvest
    • Fixed bug which allowed Shaman to gain HP/MP, or huge shields, almost instantly
    • Reduced HP/MP regen (in addition to above bugfix) by -25%
    • Reduced amount of shield that harvest grants by -50%

2020-08-01 - New Items & Ability Improvements



  • Increased the influence of wisdom and dexterity on magic damage minimum. This will reduce the variation in magic damage at higher wis/dex levels.


  • Berserk
    • Killing a target with auto-attack now deals damage on all tiles around the caster (instead of the dead target)
  • Precision
    • Bonus damage now scales with support skill
  • Overdraw
    • Updated visuals


  • Fire Fist
    • Burning damage is now properly calculated from attacker/defender stats instead of being flat damage
  • Magic Shield
    • Updated visuals


  • Power Shot
    • Increased range of splash damage behind target by +1 tile
    • Added a brief delay before splash damage and animation is applied (since otherwise it looks weird to apply it before the projectile even reaches the primary target)
    • Splash damage increased by +25%
    • On hit damage reduced by -15%
    • Added visual effect to display which tiles are affected by splash damage
    • Calculation of tiles affected by splash damage improved
  • Cripple
    • Target bleeding damage increased by +25%
    • Target slow debuff reduced from -20% to -15%
    • Fixed bug allowing it to be stacked multiple times by the same character
  • Volley
    • Now shoots out a wide wave of projectiles in the direction of the targeted tile, dealing damage to the first target that each hits. If multiple projectiles hit the same target, they do less damage.


  • Smite
    • Is now cast as a toggleable spell; first use casts a melee hit onto the target under the mouse pointer, second use heals all squares around the caster based on damage dealt and caster Protection skill.
    • Slow effect removed on adjacent tiles


  • Charge
    • Bonus move speed now scales with support skill
    • Bonus damage now scales with support skill
    • Max duration now scales with support skill
  • Enrage
    • Stack duration now scales with support skill
    • Bonus damage per stack now scales with support skill


  • Barbarous Throw
    • Can now be cast with a throwing weapon in a hand, regardless of what's in the other hand, or even directly from the quiver
    • If pulling from the quiver the auto-attack is reset
    • Delayed bleed effect removed
    • On-hit damage increased by +7%
    • Mana cost reduced from 65 MP to 50 MP
  • Disembowel
    • On-hit damage reduced by -10%
    • Bleed damage reduced by -10%
  • Impale
    • On-hit damage reduced by -25%
    • Target defence debuff reduced from -30% to -25%


  • Barkskin
    • Calculated shield maximum value increased by +25%
    • Fixed bug in calculation that was causing it to ignore the Protection bonus of equipped items
    • Delay on shield replenishment on taking damage reduced from 3s to 2.5s
    • Blocked damage text (grey combat text) is now delayed by 250ms so that it's not hidden by the damage actually inflicted


  • Virulence
    • Updated visuals
  • Doom
    • Damage now scales with support skill
    • Debuff amounts now scale with support skill


  • Absorb
    • Grey shield combat text is now delayed by 250ms so that it's not hidden by the damage actually inflicted
    • A warning animation now plays around the caster two ticks before the ability runs out


  • Frost Wall
    • Increase wall duration from 1.5s to 2.5s
    • Fixed bug with LOS check on secondary wall tiles


  • Fixed bug with Lord Volent that was causing a crash when target unreachable
  • Corrected offset of various monsters

2020-05-16 - Potions, PVP, & Other Niggles


  • Re-writing the way that we handle disconnections. This is intended to replace the timed shutdowns that have been happening recently.
  • Server OS updated to latest version


  • Potion drinking now has a cooldown of 0.5s
  • Mana granted from drinking any type of mana elixir increased by about +20% (mana values granted now match the health granted from health elixirs)
  • Mana elixirs are now blue, this better fits the coloring of text in-game when drinking a mana elixir
  • Elosia elixirs now give HP and MP
  • Elosia elixirs are now pink, matching their contents and distinguishing them more clearly from other potions
  • PVP HP and MP elixirs added to the Queensbridge PVP area. These are bottomless (they don't get used up) and grant the same amount of HP/MP as the normal HP/MP elixir bottles, but can only be used in PVP areas. Interact with the 'potion statues' in Queensbridge to get one of each.


  • The entire Queensbridge area is now PVP-enabled, instead of the Four Hearths Inn.
    • A few minor mapping adjustments have been made to accommodate this
    • Most boat NPCs now offer transport to the 'Queensbridge' PVP area
    • Be sure to collect the bottomless PVP elixirs from one of the 'potion statues' in Queensbridge


  • All classes: Skill learning rate increased (esp. Support)
  • Marksman: Archery/Firearms skill learning rate increased
  • Ranger: magic skill learning rate increased
  • Ranger: archery skill learning rate increased
  • Cleric: Sword/Polearm/Hammer skill learning rate increased
  • Cleric: magic skill learning rate increased (esp. Protection)
  • Shaman: all magic skill learning rate increased (esp. Nature, Support)
  • Wizard: all magic skill learning rate increased (esp. Destruction)
  • Sorcerer: all magic skill learning rate increased (esp. Nature, Destruction)


  • Precision
    • Per-shot mana cost reduced from 5MP to 3MP
  • Berserk
    • Shield defense debuff reduced from -60% to -50% (as is already stated in the spell description)


  • Pillar of Fire
    • Increased on-hit damage by +20%
    • Burning damage now based on a magical combat calculation between caster and each target, this damage will therefore be slightly higher for low-levels, and much higher for high-levels
  • Meteor
    • Increased damage + 10%
  • Lightning Bomb
    • Max damage increased by +25%
    • Outer tile damage proportion increased from 60% to 80% of central tile damage


  • Retribution
    • Fixed bug causing ability to deal bonus damage even to targets that hadn't been aggressors
    • Fixed bug that prevented triggering when damage is blocked (i.e. it's now triggered when using magic shield)


  • Virulence
    • Fixed bug that was causing damage to be dealt 2x faster than intended. This won't actually adjust total damage output from the spell, since damage was previously being dealt as intended.
    • Description mention of cooldown as 30s fixed to what it actually is (16s)



  • Bloodlust
    • Maximum HP regen total now scales according to caster's Support skill
  • Disembowel
    • Bleed damage percentage of target max HP reduced from 1% to 0.8%
    • Duration extension by each auto-attack reduced from 0.5s to 0.4s


  • Retribution
    • Fixed bug causing ability to deal bonus damage even to targets that hadn't been aggressors
    • Fixed bug that prevented triggering when damage is blocked (i.e. it's now triggered when using magic shield)



  • Dexterity and Strength equipment stat buffs from equipment now correctly apply to melee and distance attack calculations





  • Fixed a few minor mapping bugs


  • Corrected the offset of the various Witches

2020-04-25 - For Magic & Mana


  • Improved server's handling of timers
  • Fixed invalid spell description length in Absorb spell scroll that was causing a server crash


  • Heal
    • No long fails if there's another creature on the same tile as the caster




  • Reduced the impact of armor and defense skill on magic defense by -50%


  • Reduced the magic damage output of all magical creatures. This has been tuned to compensate for the reduction in magic defense calculation for physical classes. Magic classes will therefore take considerably less damage, and physical classes will take the same or slightly less damage.
  • Adjusted the magic defenses of various higher-level monsters, with a specific focus on magical monsters. Big thanks to Lans who provided all these suggested adjustments.
    • Ferorn Morphis magic defense reduced from 340 to 300
    • Sirl Imparo magic defense reduced from 330 to 300
    • Witch Freia magic defense reduced from 270 to 265
    • Nysandra Celistriel magic defense increased from 260 to 270
    • Archenaid magic defense reduced from 250 to 230
    • Helina Floretty magic defense reduced from 250 to 240
    • Lord Volent magic defense reduced from 230 to 220
    • Witch Keka magic defense reduced from 220 to 210
    • Witch magic defense reduced from 220 to 210
    • Grorus magic defense reduced from 200 to 180
    • Protectorate Knight magic defense increased from 190 to 200
    • Sal Cotton magic defense increased from 180 to 190
    • Mountain Troll magic defense increased from 130 to 150
    • Cave Troll magic defense increased from 130 to 140
    • Orc Legionnaire magic defense reduced from 130 to 120
    • Orc Savage magic defense reduced from 120 to 100
    • Quagwyrm magic defense increased from 100 to 110
    • Zombie Plaguebearer magic defense increased from 80 to 90
    • Forest Imp magic defense increased from 100 to 150
  • Snake loot adjusted so that they now occasionally drop 30cc
  • Mountain Troll crit ("GROORROOGH") delay increased from 1s to 1.5s


2020-04-11 - Post-Update Tweaking II


  • Various improvements to the way that the server handles connections. This will help with some of the DOS issues that we've been having.


  • Lightning Bomb
    • Fixed server-crashing bug caused when casting ability and then


  • Restoration
    • Healing percentage based on target HP increased slightly
    • Target initial healing amount now uses the same calculation as subsequent heals (i.e. based on target missing HP)
    • Cooldown reduced from 15s to 10s (NOTE: the cooldown on this ability was previously incorrectly stated as 20s in-game)


  • Overdraw
    • Overdraw final damage formula adjusted so that the range of damage values narrows towards the maximum as the ability is charged up, ensuring much higher and more predictable damage


  • Riposte
    • Fixed bug where caster and target were getting the wrong speed buff (now caster gets speed buff and target the debuff)

2020-03-29 - Post-Update Tweaking I


  • Sprint
    • Movement speed buff increased from +20% to +25%
    • Duration increased from 5s to 6s
    • Cooldown reduced from 30s to 24s
  • Quickshot
    • Fixed bug that causes a crash when going out of range before the shot fires


  • Precision
    • No longer drains mana whilst active, the mana drain per hit is already enough
    • On-cast mana cost reduced from 40MP to 30MP
    • Bonus damage (based on target health) is now applied separately. This isn't the ideal solution, but does fix the issues with Quickshot without requiring a lot of very fragile code. We'll be looking to fix this in time, but it requires separating auto-attack calculations from other combat calculations.


  • Heal
    • Mana cost reduced from 90MP to 60MP
    • Cooldown reduced from 8s to 6s
  • Fire Fist
    • Damage increased by +20%
    • Increased 'hitbox' width of projectile
  • Magic Shield
    • Mana cost reduced from 70MP to 50MP
    • Cooldown reduced from 14s to 10s
  • Cursed Ground
    • Targets now suffer -15% magic defence for as long as they stay inside the area of effect
    • Cast range increased from 4sqm to 5sqm


  • Meteor
    • Mana cost reduced from 80MP to 70MP
  • Pillar of Fire
    • Mana cost reduced from 70MP to 60M
  • Flash Frost
    • Slow magnitude increased by +50%
    • Slow duration increased from 2s per tick to 3s per tick (tick = once every 300ms of standing inside area)
    • Mana cost reduced from 60MP to 50MP


  • Absorb
    • Regen amount max per tick increased from 3MP to 5MP
    • Shield amount added per tick increased from +2% to +5%
    • Is now a Protection AND Destruction magic spell
    • Mana cost reduced from 90MP to 70MP
  • Condemn
    • Max duration increased from 3s to 4s
    • Mana cost reduced from 90MP to 80MP
  • Orb Pulse
    • Now adds experience to the skill pool as well as training when a target is hit on the first wave
    • Each orb will now individually stop if it hit a target on its path
    • When multiple orbs hit the same target in a single wave, one orb will now deal full damage, and following orb(s) will deal 50% damage
  • Retribution
    • Movement slow increased from -10% to -20%


  • Ensnare
    • Mana cost reduced from 80MP to 70MP
  • Doom
    • Mana cost reduced from 80MP to 60MP
  • Harvest
    • HP/MP/shield increase is now applied based on the damage inflicted (20%, adjusted by caster vs target level) whenever the caster damages a target


  • Restoration
    • Heal over time amount is now determined partly by the caster's stats
    • Fixed bug that prevented training in certain situations


  • Bloodlust
    • Healing is now provided in the form of increased HP regen, instead of instant healing
    • Health regen is increased by a maximum of 1 HP per second per auto-attack


  • Overdraw
    • Will now deal damage if immediately re-cast
    • Damage scaling factor with time increased by +35%


  • Fixed alignment of desk, as seen in Empo Sar merchant district harbour
  • Updated roe corpse graphic

2020-03-21 - Reworking All Class Abilities


  • If you talk to many of the boat NPCs, they will now offer transportation to various locations
  • It'd be useful to us if you could give us feedback on prices, since they are likely to require some tweaking
  • Please keep in mind that this is planned as a Noble-account only feature in the future

ABILITIES (general)

  • All previously learnt character abilities have been unlearned (oh no!), replaced with all abilities available to your class (yasss!). If you start new characters or get promoted, you will of course still need to buy any new abilities, as before.
  • Reduced the price of all abilities to buy (tier 2 = 500c, tier 3 = 1000cc), previously spell pricing was rather arbitrary, and too pricey for new players who just wanted to get some abilities to make hunting less of a grind
  • All page/apprentice abilities are now available from the guilds in Timar


  • New ability: Sprint - Increased movement speed (+20%) for 5s. This spell is pre-learnt on new characters
  • Quickshot
    • Now behaves like an auto-attack with enhanced damage with a very short delay, it will therefore synergise correctly with auto-attack triggering abilities (e.g. Acute Frenzy)
    • Cooldown increased from 2s to 3s


  • Precision
    • Distance auto-attacks now deal bonus base damage based on the target's missing health (+1 damage per 5% missing HP)
    • Activation mana cost reduced from 60 MP to 40 MP
    • Added 5 MP drain per auto-attack shot
  • Overdraw (Double Shot)
    • Renamed "Double Shot" to "Overdraw"
    • Casting now starts charging up a distance attack against a target; the longer the ability is charged, the higher the damage on release (or after 3s)
    • Caster movement speed is reduced during charging (-15%)
  • Berserk
    • Melee auto-attacks now deal splash damage on either side of the target
    • No longer causes an increase in attack damage
    • Mana cost increased from 40 MP to 50 MP
  • Penetrating Strike (Power Strike)
    • Renamed "Power Strike" to "Penetrating Strike"
    • No longer deals splash damage
    • Base damage reduced by -20%
    • Now ignores 50% of target's armor and shield defense (or 25% of total monster defense)


  • New ability: Cursed Ground - Curse the ground around a targeted tile within 4 sqm, for 2s. Any creature that enters the area is dealt damage over time for as long as they remain inside it
  • Heal (Moderate Healing)
    • Renamed "Moderate Healing" to "Heal"
    • Average heal amount increased by +5%
    • Casting now also removes poison, burning, and bleeding timed effects
    • Mana cost reduced from 100 MP to 90 MP
    • Cooldown increased from 7.5s to 8s
  • Fire Fist
    • Converted into a tile-targeted ability, with a set range of 5 sqm, using the targeted tile to determine the direction that the projectile is fired
    • Now damages any enemies that the projectile passes through
    • On-hit damage reduced by -20%
  • Magic Shield
    • Now displays the blocked damage from incoming attacks as grey combat text
    • Cooldown reduced from 18s to 14s
  • Curse ability removed
  • Minor Healing ability removed
  • Antidote ability removed
  • Ice Shard ability removed


  • New ability: Enrage - For 4s, any damage to the caster adds a stack of enrage, increasing melee damage (+5%, max 50%), but reducing defence (-2%, max -20%) for 6s.
  • New ability: Riposte - The next melee attack against the caster within 3s is blocked. The blocked damage is dealt back to the aggressor, plus bonus damage, reducing the aggressor's movement speed (-15%) and granting the caster increased movement speed (+15%), for 1s.
  • Armament
    • Healing amount reduced from 33% to 25% of total HP
  • Charge
    • Now only available to Knight
    • Duration increased from 2.5s to 3s, but is cancelled if the caster attacks someone
    • First melee attack now has 100% hit chance
    • First melee attack damage increased by +25%
    • First melee attack now applies a -12% slow on the target for 2s
    • Mana cost increased from 35 to 50 MP
    • Cooldown increased from 14s to 20s
  • Heroic Strike
    • Target damage reduced by -20%
    • Facing direction damage reduced by -5%


  • New ability: Bloodlust - For 5s, every auto-attack by the caster heals the caster a portion of the inflicted damage (25%), and increases movement speed (+5%, max 50%) for 5s. Half the damage taken by the caster is deferred until after the effect is over.
  • Disembowel
    • Bleeding damage is now based on the caster's stats AND the target's maximum HP
    • Bleeding duration now increases by 0.5s for every auto-attack landed by the caster on the target for the first 5s after casting
    • Cooldown increased from 11s to 12s


  • New ability: Power Shot - Shoot a high damage projectile at a target. On hit, the projectile shatters into pieces, dealing splash damage to tiles behind the target.
  • Multishot
    • Now only available to Marksman
  • Acute Frenzy
    • Now only available to Marksman
    • Auto-attack hits now increase caster movement speed slightly (+2%) for 4s
  • Volley
    • Now cast on a target tile, instead of a target creature
  • Cripple (Crippling Shot)
    • Renamed "Crippling Shot" to "Cripple"
    • No longer increases the caster's move speed
    • No target to cast is now required and no damage is done on casting
    • Hitting a target with three unique damaging attacks in 2s, and within 6s of casting, will cripple the target's movement speed (-20%), cause bleeding, and cancel the ability
    • Mana cost reduced from 35 MP to 30 MP
    • Cooldown increased from 2s to 8s


  • New ability: Glacial Imbue - Imbue auto-attacks with ice crystals (-5 MP/shot), which remain embedded in the target and slow movement speed (-4%) for 6s. On deactivating the ability, cause embedded crystals to rupture, dealing damage per stack and removing the slow.
  • New ability: Shoot a projectile at a target tile, dealing damage along the projectile's path. If the ability is recast within 4s, the projectile is recalled, dealing damage along its path again and ignoring 50% of creature defences.
  • Barkskin
    • Shield amount now starts at 0% on casting
    • Shield percentage replenishes over time up to a maximum (fully replenishes in 3s)
    • Taking damage briefly delays shield replenishment
    • Shield percentage now reduces with every hit at a rate of -1% per 1 damage
    • Re-pressing the ability's hotkey will cancel the ability
    • Now displays the blocked damage from incoming attacks as grey combat text
    • Drains mana at rate of 2 MP/s, but only whilst the shield is replenishing
    • Mana cost to cast reduced from 55 to 50 MP
    • Cooldown increased from 14s to 20s
  • Static Shot
    • Damage increased by +20%
    • Mana cost increased from 50MP to 60MP


  • New ability: Mirror Shield - For 4s, the caster blocks a percentage of all incoming damage (10-50%) and reflects that blocked damage onto the two tiles in the facing direction.
  • New ability: Dispel - Instantly removes any active negative timed effects from a target, including poison, bleeding, burning, curses, and any active movement speed buffs and debuffs.
  • New ability: Mark of Augur - For as long as the ability is active, damaging auto-attacks and abilities mark targets for 2s. Any damage dealt to a marked target consumes the mark to deal bonus magic damage.
  • Restoration
    • Now only available to Cleric
    • Now also grants healing over time, equal to 5% of the target's missing HP twice a second for 5s
    • Healing is cancelled if caster dies/logs out
    • Now grants the target immunity to poison, fire, and bleeding timed effects, for 5s
    • Mana cost reduced from 150 MP to 120 MP
    • Cooldown increased from 7.5 to 15s
    • Target speed buff increased from 8% to 10%


  • New ability: Channel Energy - For 3s, channel destructive energy towards a target. The closer the target, the higher the damage inflicted.
  • New ability: Orb Pulse - Shoot out 3 waves of destructive orbs in the direction of the targeted tile. Each orb that hits a a target deals damage and slows that target (-10%) for 2s.
    • NOTE: Yes, we know the animation is ugly! It will be replaced, promise!
  • New ability: Retribution - For 6s, every attack against the caster slows the aggressor (-10%). The caster's attacks against aggressors apply additional damage (10-50% of triggering damage) after a brief delay.
  • Condemn
    • Can now be cancelled early (by re-pressing the hotkey), still dealing the same damage
    • The marked target now takes damage based on their current HP when moving for as long as the ability is active
    • Final damage now uses the standard damage formula, with a modifier added based on the target's missing health, instead of maximum health
    • Cooldown reduced from 25s to 20s
  • Absorb
    • Now only available to Wizard
    • Mana cost increased from 60MP to 90 MP
    • Duration reduced from 12s to 8s
    • Shield percentage damage reduction now starts at 20% on casting
    • Nearby enemies are now slowly drained of health, adding to the shield and granting the caster MP
    • Early cancellation (by re-pressing the hotkey) will dissipate its power onto surrounding sqm
  • Siphon ability removed


  • New ability: Harvest - For 10s, mark targets damaged by the caster. Each marked target that dies within that time grants the caster bonus HP/MP regen (+7/s, adjusted by level) for 5s. If the caster has full HP or MP, the regen is instead put into a magic shield.
  • Doom (Curse)
    • Renamed "Curse" to "Doom"
    • Defence debuff now affects physical AND magical damage
    • Now also reduces the target's movement speed (-30%)
    • Now also reduces damage output of the target (-30%)
  • Virulence
    • Now only available to Shaman
    • Damage output of targets hit is now reduced by -10%
    • Speed debuff reduced from -25% to -18%
    • Damage over time maximum duration decreased from 30s to 10s
    • Effects now last for the entire duration of the ability (except for infectiousness)
    • Now deals bonus base damage equal to 1% of the target's maximum health
    • When cast on a target that already has the effect will now replace the old effect with the new (previously this just wasn't allowed)
    • Secondary 'infection' targets now requires passing a line of sight check
    • Cooldown increased from 10s to 16s
  • Swarm
    • Max damage reduced by -30%
    • Duration increased from 2s to 2.5s (but with a slightly slower ramp up/down to maximum damage)
    • If the current target dies, Swarm now transfers to the lowest HP creature within 1sqm, reseting the duration by 0.5s
  • Ensnare
    • Now a timed tile-damage effect with a duration of 2.5s
    • The movement slow on creatures will now stack as long as they remain inside the area of effect
    • Initial damage & slow is now delayed by 0.3s
    • Initial slow reduced from a maximum of -60% to -30%
    • Cooldown reduced from 25s to 24s


  • New ability: Lightning Bomb - After a 0.5s delay, conjure an orb of lightning energy on a tile. If any creature moves into the orb within 8s, it will explode, damaging tiles within 2 sqm.
  • Meteor
    • Now only available to Sorcerer
    • Magic skill type is now destruction and nature
    • Damage increased by +20%
    • Damage on the targeted tiles is now delayed by 1s
    • Mana cost reduced from 100 to 80 MP
    • Cooldown reduced from 16s to 14s
  • Pillar of Fire
    • Now only available to Sorcerer
    • Mana cost reduced from 80 to 70 MP
    • Updated animation
  • Flash Frost
    • Now only available to Sorcerer
    • Cast on a target tile, instead of a target creature, and remains there for 2s
    • Applies a 2s slow and damage over time effect to any creatures on the tile
    • Affects 5 tiles in a row in a wall, the direction of which is determined according to the casting position relative to the caster
    • Cooldown increased from 12s to 16s
    • Slow increased from -25% to -30%
    • Mana cost increased from 50 MP to 60 MP


  • Various minor map bug fixes
  • Added an 'escape' route out of Empo Sar Harbour District via the city walls, for people without a key
  • Added a more direct path between Empo Sar and Tirapeth
  • Horizontal wooden beams above a doorway should no longer clip when a creature walks through it. Note that this won't fix all doorways, just open ones with wooden beams.
  • Ground tiles added under quagwyrms in Eastebb, which should now make them targetable by tile-cast spells (please report any exceptions)


  • Backpacks open on logout are now remembered and automatically opened on next login
  • Various minor item bug fixes
  • Item stats are now only applied if worn in the appropriate equipment slot (e.g. A helmet will only provide armor stats if in the head equipment slot)
  • Increased the max amount of food that can be consumed before full (and therefore also the max duration) from 10 minutes to 15 minutes


  • Zombie Plaguebearer's disease aura now requires a line of sight check with each target
  • Witch bug fixed that causing her to fail to attack or follow in certain locations
  • Protectorate Knight average attack speed reduced by -25%
  • Protectorate Knight base damage reduced by 5%, but crit ("GRRAGH!") damage increased by 5%


  • Fixed logic bug causing crash when someone disconnects while there's still data on the network
  • Fixed assertion bug causing crash due to not considering certain specific combat scenarios
  • Secured internal connections to improve protections against malicious users connecting from outside of the server
  • Server OS patched to latest version


  • Using a ladder when sitting down now causes the character to stand up
  • Taking damage when sitting down now causes your character to stand up

2020-01-23 - DOS Attack Response

  • Server will now analyse traffic in order to identify DOS attacks. If it identifies one, it will cause the server to save all online characters, and start a 40s countdown to restart the server.


2019-09-14 - Stability Improvements


  • Auto logout after 4s

2019-07-21 - Magicians Need Love Too


  • Added more server-side logging for when certain crashes occur


  • Adjusted the skill formulas to make physical skill learning slightly faster at lower levels (less mana required for progression until about skill level 60)
  • Adjusted the skill formulas to make magic skill learning considerably faster at lower levels (less mana required for progression until about skill level 65)


  • Fixed various minor map bugs
  • Skull totem is no longer moveable


  • Static Shot damage increased by about 20-30% (depending on when damage is inflicted and number of targets)
  • Static Shot cooldown increased from 5s to 8s
  • Siphon replenished mana is now calculated based on base monster experience instead of level. This will only change the behaviour of this ability on certain special monsters that have much less experience than their level would usually provide (e.g. Sirl 'clones')
  • Siphon now only refunds half the mana worth of the ability (25 MP) instead of the entire amount, if the ability kills the target
  • Siphon now gives additional mana equal to 3x the level of the targeted monster, instead of 2x, if the ability kills the target (actually it did this anyway and the ability's description was wrong)
  • Siphon cooldown increased from 10s to 12s
  • Condemn description of cooldown corrected
  • Light ability now gives off a larger and much brighter light


  • Reduced base movement speed of (almost) all monsters by at least -10%
  • Orc Hunter HP increased from 320 to 480
  • Orc Hunter movement speed increased by +10%
  • Orc Hunter magic and physical defence increased by +10%
  • Orc Hunter damage increased (especially distance)
  • Orc Hunter poison chance lowered, but will always proc on their first hit (which means more damage from poison)
  • Orc Hunter will no longer try to maintain distance between you, unless on low HP
  • Sirl Imparo magic defence reduced from 380 to 330
  • Sirl Imparo Clone magic defence reduced from 270 to 250
  • Ferorn Morphis physical defence increased from 220 to 260
  • Ferorn Morphis magic defence reduced from 370 to 340
  • Witch Freia magic defence reduced from 370 to 320
  • Witch Rosice magic defence reduced from 350 to 300
  • Witch Keka magic defence reduced from 280 to 240
  • Witch magic defence reduced from 280 to 240
  • Witch physical defence increased from 160 to 180
  • Helina Floretty max HP increased from 480 to 560
  • Helina Floretty magic defence reduced from 270 to 250
  • Lord Volent magic defence reduced from 270 to 230
  • Protectorate Knight magic defence reduced from 250 to 190
  • Gloptoad Vomit given an 'invincible' flag, this will prevent most training on it (this is a temporary fix)
  • Wiralof attack speed reduced by -11%
  • Wiralof attack damage reduced by -6%

2019-07-11 - Post-Update Tweaking


  • Fixed issue with blood splatters dropping on top of other map object layers
  • Fixed issue which caused a crash when trading between players
  • Fixed issue behind most of the DOS-based crashes. This has been the cause of 90% of the crashes on the server in the last few weeks. Rejoice if this fix works. If not, we'll have to implement something more drastic.


  • Fixed various minor map bugs
  • Made path north of Queensbridge to PvP testing area at The Four Hearths Inn
  • Started to add some extra paths in Eastebb marshes. The idea with the marshes is that you should be able to pretty much just walk roughly in the direction you want to and you'll get there. So if you're in the centre of Eastebb and you want to go to trolls, just walk northwards.



  • Witch HP increased by 100
  • Witch magical and physical defence increased by 10%
  • Witch boss healing rate fixed
  • Witch boss attack speed increased (further changes will be coming!)


  • Increased restock rate of bank NPC currency
  • Added ammunition to NPC Flynn Silvr in Driftop

2019-06-06 - Eastward To The Sea


  • New area: Eastebb
  • New town: Driftop (previously referred to as Tereth)
  • Two PvP testing areas have been added. The main one at The Fourth Hearth Inn, which you can find north of Queensbridge. Death loss is currently disabled for any players who die INSIDE a PvP area. Note that this is specific to location, NOT whether it was a monster or player that killed you! And keep in mind that player damage over timer abilities (e.g. Virulence) are NOT cancelled on entering a non-PvP area.
  • Minor adjustments to a few boss/quest areas (incl. Ferorn, Emposian Shield quest)
  • Old references to the small village of "Wellwatch" in North Milthorn have been changed to "Queensbridge"
  • Lots of map bug fixes


  • New ability icons - not all of them are perfect matches for their ability, but no abilities should ever share icons anymore; please report any that do
  • New ability: Siphon (Wizard) - Inflict high magical damage on a target within 3 sqm. If the ability kills the target then the caster is refunded the MP cost of the ability, plus MP equal to 2 * target level
  • New ability: Static Shot (Ranger) - Imbue a projectile with a static charge, dealing instant damage and slowing the target's movement (-15%) for 1s. For 1.5s after the spell is cast, the static may be discharged onto one or more characters on adjacent squares
  • New ability: Impale (Rogue) - Impale a single target within 2 sqm, dealing moderate damage, severely restricting their movement (-50%), and reducing their physical defence (-30%) for 2.5s
  • New ability: Swarm (Shaman) - Conjure up a swarm of insects to surround and attack a single target for several seconds, dealing physical damage
  • New ability: Heroic Strike (Knight) - Deal high damage to a single target and additional—but lesser—damage to all three sqm in the facing direction
  • New ability: Armament (Knight) - Adopt a defensive posture for 10s, boosting your physical and magical defences (+30%), but at the cost of attack damage (-10%), attack speed (-20%) and movement speed (-10%). For the last 3s of the ability, quickly recoup 33% of your total health.
  • New ability: Meteor (Sorcerer) - Call a meteor into existence above a targeted area, where it falls and explodes on impact. NOTE: In future, there will be a short delay before the impact, allowing the damage to be avoided/mitigated, but this is not yet properly supported.
  • "Fury" renamed "Berserk". this makes more sense given its adjusted behaviour, and removes potential future confusion with a future-planned spell: Enrage
  • Berserk (Fury) defence debuff reduced from -60% to -50%
  • Berserk (Fury) now deals moderate—but low-scaling—instant damage on all squares around the caster on activation
  • Berserk (Fury) movement speed buff increased from 5% to 10%
  • Deflect now provides an extra defence bonus (+25%) on casting, in addition to its existing bonus dodge chance (+50%), but both of these are reduced by half with every subsequent melee or distance hit received, and removed after 5s
  • Deflect mana cost increased from 25 to 40 MP
  • Deflect cooldown increased from 16s to 20s
  • Tracker's Mark will now also reduce the target's physical and magical defence by 15% for 15 seconds
  • "Crippling Strike" renamed "Power Strike" (wow, original!), this makes more sense given its adjusted behaviour
  • Power Strike (Crippling Strike) now deals splash damage to adjacent tiles at a rate of about 10%
  • Power Strike (Crippling Strike) no longer applies a movement speed debuff
  • Power Strike (Crippling Strike) mana cost increased from 30 to 40 MP
  • Swift Strike cooldown increased from 2s to 4s, and mana cost increased from 10 to 20 MP. Yep, I know that this still needs a proper fix
  • Quickshot mana cost increased from 10 to 20 MP. Yep, I know that this still needs a proper fix
  • Crippling shot cooldown increased from 2s to 4s
  • Smite now causes a brief and minor slow on tiles adjacent to the target (but not on the target)
  • Condemn minimum damage increased from 0 to 12-24
  • Condemn cooldown increased from 16s to 23s
  • Flurry movement speed buff increased from 8% to 12%
  • Flurry cooldown duration increased from 9s to 10s
  • Elemental Missile damage reduced by 10% to account for change in magical item stats (since it uses both destructive and nature magic and so receives considerable percentage buffs from multiple item stats)
  • Fire Fist now deals minor non-scaling burning damage over time for a few seconds after casting
  • Fire Fist instant damage increased by 20%
  • Fire Fist range decreased to 5 sqm
  • Magic Shield ability now works properly when cast on other players
  • "Fire Aura" renamed "Pillar of Fire", this makes more sense given its adjusted behaviour
  • Pillar of Fire (Fire Aura) must now be cast on a tile, instead of being auto-cast on self
  • Pillar of Fire (Fire Aura) cooldown increased from 5s to 10s
  • Pillar of Fire (Fire Aura) mana cost reduced from 100 to 80 MP
  • Pillar of Fire (Fire Aura) now deals minor non-scaling burning damage over time for a few seconds after casting
  • Ensnare is now cast on a tile, instead of on a target
  • Ensnare area of effect is now larger, with a diameter of 5 sqm instead of 3 sqm, and the highest damage/slow values applied at the central (targeted) tile
  • Ensnare slow effect maximum duration (centre tile) reduced from 4s to 3s, but damage and slow effect on outer tiles increased slightly
  • Ensnare mana cost increased from 70 to 80 MP


  • New monsters
  • New bosses
  • Giant now has a ranged "rock throw" ability which it will use if it can't reach the targeted player
  • Zombie Plaguebearer poison aura damage reduced by 20% (it's still brutal though)
  • Warg no longer flees on low HP
  • Orc Beastmaster healing against melee reduced, but increased when in ranged combat


  • Magical stats on items now act as percentage damage modifiers
  • Magical stats on wand items reduced considerably
  • 2H melee weapon auto-attacks will now train melee skills twice as fast as 1H'ers. This will help to make up for the reduced auto-attack speed and defence skill learning when using a 2H weapon. Specifically, this means that a blocked/missed 2H auto-attack hit will grant 200 skill exp (previously 100), and a damaging 2H auto-attack hit will grant 400 skill exp (previously 200)
  • Added bullets to shops in all major settlements
  • Various minor adjustments to bow stats
  • Flavour-text added to a few more items


  • Server upgraded from 32bit to 64bit. This allows us to run a more modern version of the C# runtime (one actually supported by Microsoft), and so to make use of the benefits in support that entails. We don't anticipate that this will create any new issues, but it is certainly possible., and we'll be available and monitoring the server to deal with issues as they arise. Please report any crashes—and exactly what you were doing at the time—to us as soon as they occur, either via Discord or the official forums.



  • Multitarget system fixes which should make it clearer when multiple targets are selected (via multishot ability). It should also fix the bug with monsters appearing to be targeted before the player sees them (let us know if you still experience this).
  • Adjusted some of the text colours used by damage, healing and potion HP/MP regeneration
  • Added support for physical damage over time effects (bleeding)
  • Added support for fire damage over time effects
  • New Ability: Flurry (Rogue) - Auto-attack delay is reduced to 33% for the next 3 auto-attacks made within 4s. If 3 auto-attacks are made by the caster during this time, the 3rd will deal bonus damage equal to the average damage from the first two hits.
  • New Ability: Disembowel (Rogue) - Instant melee damage plus a big bleed effect
  • New Ability: Barbarous Throw (Rogue) - Deals instant ranged damage, slows target movement speed (-30%) for 2s, and then causes moderate bleeding on removal of the slow. [Cooldown: 15s]
  • New Ability: Volley (Marksman) - A volley of arrows fired at the same time; each arrow lands on a different square on and around the selected target.
  • New Ability: Tracker's Mark (Ranger) - Imbue a projectile with slow-acting magical damage which is minor but afflicts a single target for 120s; allowing that target to be tracked over long distances.
  • New Ability: Barkskin (Ranger) - 20-35% (based on wisdom & protection skill) reduced incoming damage for 7s.
  • Acute Frenzy attack speed bonus increased from 10% to 16%
  • Acute Frenzy duration reduced from 10s to 7s
  • Fury damage buff now directly boosts melee damage dealt (instead of strength)
  • Fury defence debuff now affects shielding value with a 60% reduction, instead of the flat 25% across all defence
  • Fury instant cost reduced from 75MP to 40MP (ability will still drain MP/s)
  • Protectorate graphic updated
  • Volent Brod graphic updated
  • Quagwyrm graphic updated
  • Lucenfly corpse updated
  • Hand axe sprite updated (woo!)
  • Fixed bug relating to monster poison damage
  • Minor adjustments to ability prices
  • Various minor map bug fixes


  • Monster levels are now displayed ingame by 'looking at' characters
  • Support for limiting ability target range (not used by any old abilities yet)
  • Various minor 'quality of life' changes for new players in Timar
  • Minor increase to some low level monster levels
  • Minor increase to some low level monster experience
  • Minor adjustments to low level monster health stats
  • Minor adjustments to low level monster defence stats
  • Wirathistle corpse loot slot count increased from 6 to 9
  • Heal Other ability will now also heal the caster a small amount
  • Heal Other ability now gives a minor movement speed increase to both caster and target
  • Heal Other ability renamed to "Restoration"
  • New Ability: Smite (Cleric) - A single strike of great force upon a single target within a radius of 2 sqm, with a lesser effect on squares adjacent to that target. The caster is healed 15% of all damage inflicted. [Cooldown: 18s]
  • There is now an option to highlight the current target(s) more clearly with a circle (Settings > Controls > Gameplay > Show targeting circle)
  • Smart-casting bug fix
  • Stacking/container bug fix


  • Various changes made to the skill learning formulas. Your current character skill levels will not be affected by this.
  • The combined effect of these changes will have the following effects on skill learning rates:
    • Citizen - Minor increase in low-end (all).
    • Page - Minor reduction in low-end physical learning. Slight increase in mid/high-end learning (all).
    • Apprentice - Minor reduction in low-end magic learning. Slight increase in mid/high-end learning (all).
    • Knight - Minor reduction in low-end physical learning. Minor increase in high-end learning (all, except daggers).
    • Marksman - Major increase in high-end archery and firearm learning. Moderate increase in throwing learning.
    • Rogue - Moderate increase in dagger and throwing learning. Minor increase in high-end defence learning.
    • Ranger - Minor reduction in low-end nature and support learning. Minor increase in high-end archery learning.
    • Cleric - Minor reduction in magic learning.
    • Shaman - Moderate increase in high-end nature and support magic learning.
    • Wizard - Moderate increase in high-end destruction magic learning.
    • Sorcerer - Moderate increase in high-end nature and destruction magic learning.
  • Condemn ability will now do slightly less damage
  • Condemn ability now has a hard damage cap of 500
  • Condemn spell scroll icon updated
  • Virulence damage timers reduced so that damage is done more quickly (and ability duration is reduced)
  • Fixed Shaman outfit bug when facing/walking west
  • Mountain Troll level increased from 43 to 45
  • Various minor map fixes
  • Human 'quest corpses' are now unmovable (in fact, so are most other human map-placed corpses; consider this 'stage 1')
  • Fixed bug relating to rendering of alpha-transparency


  • Fixed server crashing bug relating to banishment duration


  • Fire Fist icon changed
  • Choice of Page/Apprentice no longer affects ability options for hybrid classes
  • Fixed bug relating to rendering of alpha-transparency
  • Auto-casting of aimed abilities (option in settings). When this is enabled you just need to hover your mouse over the target and press the hotkey.
  • Client now remembers which global chat windows (World, Trade, Help) you had open and reopens them
  • Friends list now alphabetically reorders list when a new friend is added
  • Friends list now allows you to hide offline friends
  • Friends list now allows you to open conversations by left-clicking an online friend
  • When increasing Wisdom the notification message now correctly states this
  • Increased size of spell list
  • Spell description popups now auto-resize correctly


  • Fixed a server crashing bug relating to unfriending
  • Fixed a server crashing bug relating to moving containers


  • Fixed several bugs relating to banks


  • Party level-restrictions removed
  • New Ability: Crippling Shot (Marksman) - Fire a projectile at a target, dealing damage and slowing the target's movement speed (-10%), and increase the caster's movement speed (+15%). We need some new ranged combat ability icons…
  • Improved implementation of spell and effect targeting (allowing more ability options, including the above)
  • Aggressive abilities should no longer train any skills when used on yourself
  • Double Shot ability damage modifier increased from +60% to +80%
  • Double Shot cooldown increased from 2s to 6s
  • Double Shot mana cost increased from 20MP to 25MP
  • Mordrir now has a small chance of targeting the lowest HP player in view
  • If Mordrir retargets based on the highest damage dealer, she now has a chance of resetting the 'fire breath' ability cooldown
  • Mordrir's mega-"CHOMP" will heal her a lot more if it kills the target
  • Mordrir's mega-"CHOMP" will now make her say "CHOMP CHOMP!", just to give you that warm fuzzy feeling of knowing that you were within milliseconds of death


  • New Ability: Flash Frost (Sorcerer) - The ground under a target will become blighted with a severe and immediate frost, slowing the target's movement (-25%) for 1.8s and dealing damage to them
  • Ensnare ability (Shaman) is now an aimed AoE ability, so also affects sqm adjacent to the primary target
  • Condemn scroll description added
  • Condemn given unique icon
  • Various minor graphical fixes
  • Page outfit glitch fixed
  • Cave Troll updated graphic
  • Mountain Troll updated graphic
  • Fixed Precision animation
  • Fixed Crippling Strike animation
  • Updated charge animation
  • Updated acute frenzy animation
  • Protectorate Knights no longer walk away from a target they're next to
  • Cave Troll no longer walk away from a target they're next to
  • Mountain Troll combat delay fixed
  • Mountain Troll movement speed reduced by 5%
  • Mordrir now slightly more likely to change target if current target is not on low HP
  • Temporary route to Mordrir opened


  • Small new area with mountain trolls
  • Various minor map fixes
  • New ability: Condemn (Wizard) - Mark a target, after 3 seconds damage will be done to that target equal to 15-30% of their current HP.
  • Wirathistle melee minimum damage reduced
  • Quagwyrm "CHOMP!" warning time increased to 800ms
  • Fixed certain cave walls which weren't blocking projectiles
  • Protectorate Knights 'defensive pose' no long affects incoming ranged and magical damage
  • Protectorate Knight will no longer heal if a potential target is onscreen
  • Volent now has a chance to change target to lower-HP targets within 2 sqm


  • Fixed a server crashing bug related to selling items


  • Wirathistle melee max hit increased significantly, but is also much more variable
  • Wirathistle 'cling' ability adjusted; this ability is now much stronger but also avoidable
  • Wirathistle ranged attack increased slightly
  • Wiralof damage increase slightly
  • Wiralof behaviour is now much less predictable. Its movement speed will adjust depending on whether it's chasing a new target. It may also switch targets to a lower HP player if available
  • Lord Volent's critical strike fixed
  • Protectorate Knight critical strike fixed
  • Most ranged monsters may now try to chase you if you get out of LOS (some already did this): Ferorn, Goblin Witchmaster, Goblin Summoner, Helina Floretty, Nysandra, Orc Bowman, Orc Hunter, Orc Magus, Outlaw Hunter, Outlaw Thief, Skeleton Archer
  • Reduced loot rate on all of the high-end equipment; other loot values have been adjusted to maintain average loot levels
  • Witchhazel now gives flowers when picked
  • Fixed a few minor map bugs
  • Fixed bug with guilds assigning the first page/apprentice quest to players
  • Added description to coins to remind players how much they're worth


  • Fixed server crashing bug
  • Various map bugs fixed
  • Orc Brute no longer has an aggro range


  • Slow monster movement by 30% if they're fleeing
  • Orc Legionnaire no longer flees
  • Corpses now only have slot counts that are divisible by 3 (with a few exceptions)
  • Corpses no longer be usable as backpacks (really?!)
  • Fixed bug with player pathing in swamps and around stairholes
  • Ranger outfit glitch fix
  • Adjustment to Sirl's corpse; it is now regular corpse that decays at a much quicker rate (3s in total)
  • Haste spell re-aligned to be over the player
  • Fixed a server crashing bug relating to the combat report


  • New map areas (Wirafal Basin)
  • Monsters now path correctly around holes and stairs instead of getting stuck on them.
  • Monster targeting has been adjusted to make it fairer; it now uses the same logic as players to determine whether an attack may be landed.
  • Tweaked the behaviour of a lot of monsters (see below), and added support for a few completely new behaviours. More specifically, this includes more control of when and how monsters change target, support for adjusting base monster defence/dodge chance during combat, and more.
  • Various monsters may now attempt to flee or change their behaviour slightly based on HP
  • Goblin now has a chance of dealing a critical strike
  • Rats have chance of doing an extra attack
  • All skeletons physical defence lowered considerably
  • Skeletons now have a chance of dealing a critical strike
  • Skeleton Warrior magic defence increased slightly
  • Skeleton Warriors now have a 'frenzy' ability
  • Reduced walking speed of Outlaw Bandit
  • Orc Savage will now preferentially target the player with the lowest HP
  • Orc Magus will now get 'enraged' if the targeted player is closer; reducing the frequency of healing spells and increasing the frequency of aggressive attacks (melee attacks still have a minor life-steal effect)
  • Cave Troll now has an aggro range (poor eyesight!) and its combat behaviour will change slightly with its health.
  • Hill Giants will now aggro on the player doing most damage to them, and they will get more angry as they loses HP (increasing damage, but reducing defence). They also have a very occasional heavy attack now. Some of you are going to die. Sorry (not sorry).
  • Probably others we forgot
  • New ability (Shaman): Ensnare - [placeholder for the proper Ensnare ability which will be AoE and use another spell animation] Ensnare a single target in a tangle of roots rising up from the ground, slowing their movement (-50%) and inflicting a moderate amount of damage.
  • New ability (Sorcerer): Elemental Missile - low-mana destructive/nature missile ability auto-aimed at current target. This should make hunting with the sorcerer class much less tedious and wasteful.
  • Acute Frenzy now also counts non-damaging hits towards the attack speed buff
  • Adjusted Swift Strike damage formula to make it scale better
  • Adjusted Crippling Strike damage formula to make it scale better
  • Adjusted Pebble Missile damage formula to scale slightly better
  • Deflect cooldown increased from 10s -> 16s and self-slow increased from 10% -> 15% (this ability really needs to be completely redone, and will be at some point, don't get comfortable!)
  • Charge ability duration increased from 2.5s -> 3.5s and cooldown reduced from 20s -> 14s
  • Many new weapons/armors available, particularly at the higher-end
  • Increased attack rating of almost all 2H weapons by between 6% and 10%
  • Added small melee damage modifier to high-end gauntlets
  • Increased magic buff stats on all wands by 100% [this change will be reverted when wand stats are changed to affect damage output rather than just adjusting skills]
  • Increased melee attack rating of all wands by 20%
  • Fixed various item names/descriptions
  • Added missing stats to 40+ items
  • Adjusted various stats of 20+ items
  • Item price balancing on 70+ items
  • Items may no longer be placed on holes (where previously they would appear to hover)
  • Temporarily increased damage stat of venom arrows, later they will actually cause poison damage
  • Added new bolt type, broadhead quarrel
  • Increase quiver slot size from 6 to 12
  • Tier-3 class outfits now all have sitting poses!
  • Most class outfits have been updated with improvements
  • Player pathfinding in marsh areas now works properly
  • Increased in-game play area by 1sqm
  • Removed the 'moral choice' of stealing from Melius. It was always a pretty lazy implementation and it probably doesn't belong in Phobos MMO anyway
  • New console command "online list" allows players to see a list of other players currently online



  • Fixed server crashing bug related to monster pathfinding/targeting.


  • Fixed client kicks caused by too much data being sent between server and client
  • Forest Imp slow reduced but duration increased
  • Zombie Plaguebearer desiccation aura increased in damage and reduced in duration
  • Zombie Plaguebearer auto-attack speed variation and damage increased
  • Zombie Plaguebearer walk speed increased
  • Skeleton Warrior minimum damage increased
  • Skeleton Warrior attacks speed is now slightly random
  • Blow Bug physical/magical defence increased
  • Pisaura poison duration reduced
  • Orc Magus healing rate decreased
  • Various minor map bugs and fixes
  • Various item stacking bugs fixed




  • Extended server suicide delay from 5s to 20s


  • Adjustment to deflect ability, so that it no longer adds points into the skill pool, only removes from it to go towards skill learning


  • Minor adjustment to the defence skill learning formula to reduce effectiveness of AFK training with multiple low level creatures


  • Fixed server crash occurring when logging out with certain abilities still active


  • Fixed 3 monster combat behaviour client-crashing bugs
  • Adjusted swift strike (was 10%, now 15% damage bonus)
  • Fixed various items with status modifiers (e.g. Ring of might)
  • Minor adjustment to combat report output
  • Fixed various minor map bugs
  • Fixed various minor item bugs
  • Fixed various minor NPC bugs


  • Fixed bug where using shield/absorb abilities did not train the protection skill
  • Fixed 4 monster combat behaviour client-crashing bugs
  • Fixed various map bugs
  • Fixed various item bugs


  • Various map fixes
  • Various monster fixes
  • Fixed a bug relating to lamp decaying


  • Various map fixes
  • Fixed server crashing bug

2016-06-04 - Open beta

  • Empo Sar and a few other small locations now accessible
  • Many minor map bugs fixed
  • Minor updates to Timar map (to fix the ongoing 'graphics legacy' problem)
  • Some adjustments to certain hunting areas
  • In-game tutorial balloons will now provide some basic help and tips in Timar
  • Subclass promotions may now be bought (knight, marksman, rogue, ranger, cleric, shaman, wizard, sorcerer)
  • Behaviour of the following creatures has been adjusted: Archenaid, Giant, Goblin Witchmaster, Huntsman, Orc Beastmaster, Orc Bowman, Orc Hunter, Orc Savage, Nysandra Celistriel, Rat, Rhodosus, Snake, Soil Golem, Spiderling, Warthog, Webweaver, Zombie, Zombie Fiend
  • Support for creature abilities which may change creature/player movement speed
  • Support for player abilities will now act speed up or slow down target movement
  • Ice Shard, Virulence, Deflect, Fury abilities will now change caster/target movement speed
  • Deflect ability duration reduced
  • Several items will now adjust player movement speed
  • Starting player items adjusted
  • New characters will be created with the abilities "Swift Strike" and "Quickshot"
  • "Swift Strike" is automatically assigned to the first hotkey (default F1) on new characters
  • Characters created before the update who did not already know the abilities "Swift Strike" and "Quickshot" may learn these abilities for free simply by visiting Kurt Talbot (Page Guilds leader) in Timari, or Thom Alingson (Guildmaster) in Empo Sar
  • Buff abilities will no longer add EXP into the skill pool, instead they only remove EXP from the pool. This fits better with the functionality of these abilities as support spells to be used alongside aggressive abilities
  • Abilities are now taught by drag & dropping from shop dialogues, instead of through NPC chats as before
  • Distance auto-attacks and abilities will now do about 16% higher damage than before
  • Added a basic banishment system
  • All applicants have been granted beta access
  • Embargo on sharing content of the beta removed



  • Reduced loot rate of all high-level items for Nysandra, but added a couple of new items too.
  • Adjusted Nysandra behaviour, making her considerably meaner.
  • Various map bug fixes.
  • Fixed client crashing bug caused by the client not being able to handle the size of packets sent by server in certain locations.


  • Updated map to include Korlayra and Mirai.
  • Adjusted the role of armor in defence formulas.
  • Fixed various map bugs.


  • Adjusted skeleton warrior loot and attacking behaviour.
  • Added temporary teleport in Yethil bank to rescue some unexpected visitors.


  • Fixed bug causing corpses of some creatures to disappear.
  • Adjusted price of bucklers.
  • Fixed various NPC dialogue typos.
  • Fixed a bugged sign in Aylestone.
  • Fixed various items without names.
  • Fixed various map bugs.
  • Fixed item sell type of various items, allowing them to be sold to more appropriate NPCs.



  • Fixed bug which caused infinite ability cooldown


  • Fixed various map bugs.
  • Fixed various 'unnamed objects'.
  • Fixed typo in book at Firlow goblins.


  • Updated map to include Firlow and Aylestone.
  • Adjusted HP regained through use of healing spells.
  • Added elosia health potions with craftable recipe.
  • Fixed 3 NPC conversation bugs.
  • Fixed HP regeneration in combat bug.
  • Fixed numerous map bugs.
  • Fixed graphic rendering bug of clock.
  • Fixed missing mist tile in Forina.


  • Fixed various map bugs.
  • Minor map update in Shrachlor's lair.
  • Minor adjustments zombie loot.
  • Fixed rendering bug affecting some water borders.


  • Fixed bug preventing players from picking up certain new items.



  • Fixed bug preventing server from restarting after a crash.
  • Fixed various map bugs.
  • No longer possible to interact with objects from a distance using 'use with' items.
  • Deflect ability now increases the chance of blocking hits for the next few second.


  • Modified damage and dodge/blocking formulas to increase vulnerability of apprentices and page archers.
  • Added support to limit casting range for some spells.
  • New abilities: virulence, curse, moderate heal, heal other, antidote, power strike, precision, deflect (fixed).
  • Fixed rounding of experience so that you shouldn't so often see '1 exp' when being high level and killing low level monsters.
  • Attack speed is now shown when examining a distance weapon.
  • Don't send 'lost target' messages when you don't have a target (this was already fixed in the client so the server fix may not be visible to players).
  • Info text when using a combat feat without wielding the proper weapon.
  • Respawn with full mana when you die.
  • Modified several creature stats to make them harder.


  • Weapon attack speed now works.
  • Added a delay when changing weapons, equal to the attack speed of the newly equipped weapon.
  • Modified creature level experience reduction modifier (the amount by which the experience you gain decreases when killing weaker creatures).
  • Fixed fury spell.
  • Added support for MP drain when a certain spell is active (e.g. as used by fury ability).
  • Corrected alignment of healing spells.
  • Updating light spell with new graphic.
  • Added pulsating effect for active abilities (e.g. as used by fury ability).
  • Added notification "You ran out of mana." when mana has been fully drained by using a duration spell.
  • Added artwork to underlay brewing window.


  • Added 'fading layer' feature to smooth transitions between layers. You can turn this feature on/off in settings.


  • Bug causing server crashes due to large stacks of items on the same tile fixed.


  • Added 'dynamic layers' feature, so that tiles of the layer above are only excluded if they or another adjacent tile would otherwise cover the character.


  • Various bugs fixed, including several server-crashing bugs related to deaths from poison, logging out whilst sitting, deaths in a party, et al.
  • Mana regeneration rate increase x2.

2014-03-22 - Accounts reset

  • All accounts reset.
  • Skill learning formulas updated
  • Map expanded to include Brookton and Hilafo.
  • Neutral creatures now become hostile if attacked.
  • Distance-fighting creatures switch to melee when target is close.
  • Region, chest and warning message font updated.
  • Shop prices for ammunition updated.
  • Many bugs fixed. If you do notice that any bugs have been labelled as "[FIXED]" and are still a problem, then please make a new thread to let us know, describing exactly how you were able to reproduce the bug.
  • New console commands added, type "help" in console to see the full list.
  • Added 'elastic camera' feature.


  • PvP temporarily enabled for testing.
  • Prices of ammunition and potions temporarily lowered.




  • Experience gained from killing a creature is modified according to player level.
  • Throwing weapons (pebble, javelin, throwing knife) may now be used. However some weird things still happen when placing these items in a quiver with a sling equipped.
  • Creatures may now dodge melee attacks.
  • Fixed bug which caused client crash some players were experiencing when looking at signs


  • Two-handed weapons now can only be equipped if the other hand is empty
  • Changed line-of-sight calculations to be more permissive in some cases (e.g. when standing at the edge of a corner)
  • Monsters can now walk over heighted items like crates
  • Barrels and potted flowers can no longer be moved
  • Fixed distance weapon offset
  • Added the option to show item information in info channel


  • Adjusted all skill learning formulas
  • Aggressive spells/feats will only advance a skill if damage is inflicted on a target
  • Healing spells will only advance protection if HP is healed
  • Fixed physical spells to advance skills according to the weapon used


  • Shops now show '9999' even when they have more in stock (temporary)
  • Added % experience to next level bar to the left of the HP/MP bars
  • Added "Ctrl-B" as hotkey to hide spellbar
  • Roe and Warthog sprites updated.


  • Fixed bug where logging in with a backpack that has more than 250 item slots caused a server crash. Additional items will be lost


  • Fixed cyclic teleporter in front of Jerdrus' house, which sometimes caused server hangs and restarts when you logged in on it
  • Monsters are now aware of holes and teleports and shouldn't try running into them anymore
  • Testing how monsters could switch targets and needs evaluation/testing
    • 40% chance every 2 seconds, can vary a bit with AI delays
    • Targets are currently prioritized by distance

2013-10-22 - Closed beta

  • Server will kill itself if the game logic does not respond for 2 minutes. This should allow diagnosing server hangs better and help when nobody is there to restart manually
  • Disabled targeting of NPCs and other players to prevent skill training more effectively
  • Fixed a server crash when revoking a party invitation (most likely triggered by the invited player logging out)
  • Fixed a server crash when looking at a logged-out or dead player (no idea how that can happen in the first place)



  • Added client-server encryption.
  • Modified damage formulas.
  • Modified dodge/miss formulas.
  • Added feat formulas.
  • Added death penalty placeholder.
  • Added NPCs facing player they're talking to.
  • Added NPC conversation timeout.
  • Added NPC conversation leave messages.
  • Fixed error in dodge formula.
  • Fixed error in magic damage formula.
  • Fixed error in distance formula.
  • Leader of the party will now be marked with "*" in the party window.
  • Modified HP/MP regeneration.


  • Added key/keyhole id system to lock/unlock certain doors.
  • Added map quest triggers.
  • Modified damage formulas.
  • Modified all creature damage outputs.
  • Modified skill learning formulas.
  • Added spell formulas.
  • Added map quest reset trigger.
  • Added books to Timari.
  • Modified help window texts.
  • Added area entrance announcements.


  • Added pushable non-pick-upable items.
  • Added warning when player does not have enough mana to cast spell.
  • Restructured attribute window slightly to include buttons.
  • Added automatic closing of trade/bank/crafting windows when moving x sqm away.
  • Added automatic stand-up when player is attacked sitting-down.
  • Modified lighting (more orange, more blue, less white, less yellow).
  • Added ability of light sources to cast light around character if held.
  • Improved AI so that creatures move around when attacking a stationary player and flee more intelligently.
  • Added support for pixelated view.
  • Added support for books inside containers.
  • Added names for all environment graphics.


  • Added increase attributes window on level-up.
  • Added experience bar to character information window.
  • Added Ctrl-C to open character information window.
  • Added Ctrl-H to open Help.
  • Added status effects and icons (poison, fear, in-battle, etc.).
  • Added ability to examine status effects using Shift-LMB.
  • Added examine option on hotkeyed spells/feats and active status effects.
  • Added link to help chat channel on first page of help text.
  • Added outfit switching on promotion.
  • Added ability to select different layers on mouse-over.
  • Added item, NPC and creature descriptions.
  • Added ability to examine other characters to see class/level.
  • Added gathering of items from environment.
  • Added ability to examine spells in hotbar using Shift-LMB.
  • Added spell cooldowns.
  • Added caps lock warning on login info.


  • Added Ctrl-M to switch between chat modes.
  • Restructured UI for usability (HP/MP bars moved below game window, hotkey bar centred, latency meter moved to top-left, hand slots incorporated into rest of EQ).
  • Added follow.
  • Added ability to examine items and read signs.
  • Added basic party experience split.
  • Added customisation options for controls and hotkeys.
  • Modified creature/player targeting to display as an outline.
  • Added outline to items on mouse-over.
  • Added death.
  • Added help and trade channels, with introductory texts.


  • Added basic crafting system (more recipes still a work in progress).
  • Added automatic client patcher.
  • Added help texts.
  • Added private messaging.


  • Improved weather effects.
  • Added click-to-move.
  • Added support for adding items to containers in map editor.
  • Added hold-RMB to move in direction of cursor.
  • Added banking.