The Genesis

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The Beginning

Since the very beginning, there have been elements. Fire to counter water, earth to counter air, forever rivalling one another to preserve balance and harmony; whilst spirit, the most mysterious of the elements is thought to have no counterpart. Before life, or consciousness, or even the illusion of time, these elements existed as a swirling vortex of energy and a perpetual silence reigned throughout the world.

The First Born

For an age, the world laid untouched; waiting for the day to be stirred, waiting for the time it would become the birthplace of two beings. These two beings were Eanir and Lyria, and they were the Creators. Finally, a new era could begin in the world of Erasan.

The Era of Life and Land

The Creators tended and nurtured the world, helping to shape it into the lands of ever-changing and evolving beauty that are there to this day, becoming as much a part of it as the elements themselves. Eanir drew together the land and sea, creating a single continent, shaping into it mountains and valleys, rivers and lakes. Myths and legends also tell of a great lake in the heart of the continent, in the centre of which Eanir raised an island for Lyria and himself. Lyria found herself more suited to the creation of life, than land; and so it came to be that she made the first living creatures. Even in their simple forms, she revelled in her success, creating many diverse groups of animals and as she made more, the more complex their design and adroit her hand became in making them.

As Lyria brought plants and animals into the living world, she saw that in time their life force ran dry and many fed upon others to survive. This saddened Lyria, although she knew it was necessary to allow the great diversity and preservation of harmony both she and Eanir desired for their world. So she let it be and the Creators were pleased to see how over time, many plants and animals alike, would adapt to their environments as a result.

However, unbeknownst to Eanir and Lyria, a third being of great consciousness was formed during this time; from the imperfections in the labours of both Creators, and upon those failings it fed. As they continued to work and craft the world, they made him stronger. In time, this being would be known as Phobos. Oblivious to the evil their work had given rise to, Eanir and Lyria watched their creation with satisfaction, while reshaping the parts they disliked.

New Arrivals

Eanir and Lyria became betrothed, and shortly after, five Gods were born, each a master of one of the five elements. Soon after, Lyria tried to create intelligent creatures. The result were the elves, who quickly spread across the land, using the resources of Erasan to keep themselves alive. Following this, with Lyria's guidance, the male gods created the Dwarves, short, tough and hearty; while the females created Draals, who were of similar build to the elves, though stronger in the ways of magic. Many other creatures followed and the new races quickly adapted to Erasan, developing their own separate ways of living; the dwarves settled deep inside the mountains, protected from the creatures outside while the elves stayed in their forests as they had done for ages before.

Signs of Darkness

Yet the dark lord Phobos had not been idle for this time. Not only was he now immensely strong, but he was cunning as well; a lord of deceit and a master of despair. Only the strongest could resist his nigh-insufferable influence; many creatures, including numerous elves and dwarves, were unable to resist his will. He introduced the Shadow to the world. Deceit, thievery, murder, wars, and its like became common. The Creators could see this darkness, and in an attempt to create a being free from these ill doings the Creators now felt it time to create another intelligent being; a race who would build and adapt and help them heal this choking world: humans. Both Lyria and Eanir helped to form this race, however without their knowing, Phobos too contributed to it's shaping and so the seed of evil was planted in the heart of mankind. Nevertheless, humans expanded across the world, settling upon all four continents. Though in many cases, there was little communication with other races: many men believing they existed only in tales and the imaginative stories of travellers.

The world grew faster than ever now and all races discovered new uses of nature, uncovering metals and crystals, gems, potions and magics. Huge cities were built by all races and with them came the legends and heroes. Life went on, but the taint of the Shadow, and the ill doings would never disappear. No matter how hard the Creators tried, the shadow of Phobos covered the world. All the Creators could do was to create a balance between good and evil doings. The Dark Lord Phobos was not satisfied with this, but he was not yet strong enough to overpower the two Creators.

The Great War

Decades became centuries, centuries became millennia, and the world went on, few remembering the time of a world without violence. But the Dark Lord was not content. He would whisper in the ears of leaders to wage war upon each other, and to build new and more devastating weapons. Although it took several millennia, there came a time when the beings of Erasan had created weapons that could inflict such damage to the earth that not even the Creators could restore properly. The Dark Lord had used his time well and without revealing his true nature to the Creators. He had turned the creatures of Erasan against one another, and thus brought about a war which would bring chaos and destruction beyond anyone's imagination. The Dark One also created a number of his own creatures. Which, to begin with, lacked the finesse or subtlety of the Creators' work, though he revelled in their deformations and ailments. Amongst them were orcs, dragons and demons. Alongside these, Phobos made numerous other, unique, yet no less malevolent creatures, which he let loose upon Erasan.

The land once known as Erasan was torn apart by war and the once great continent became divided. The battle shook the very foundations of the world and so it was that four continents formed from the original one and numerous islands came into existence. The various races scattered, their numbers depleted and many went into hiding: dwarves retreated back into the mountains and the elves deep into their forests. Even through victory they had suffered huge losses; some species struggled on the brink of extinction for many years, others vanished completely. With Phobos defeated, the Dark Army dispersed. Most fleeing to the mountains, caves or across the oceans to the newly created islands, though many were hunted down by their victorious enemies. Phobos' existence was still largely unknown. Nevertheless, several thousand years of relative peace on Erasan followed the Great War.

The Age of Myths

In an attempt to unite the broken lands of Erasan, the remaining people of Erasan formed the Four Empires, one on each continent. Slowly the populations of Erasan grew, long-forgotten knowledge was remembered and new technologies discovered. A long period of peace and prosperity followed, and the horrors of war, and the memories of violence forgotten.

For over 10 000 years the Four Empires would stand, and wonders could be seen every day. But such times could not last. For by the end of this age the Dark Lord, returned to his former strength, brought havoc to the world. Slowly the Four Empires crumbled and smaller kingdoms, republics and city-states emerged, but without violence, to begin with. Almost 2000 years would pass before the world of Erasan would see war again.

Again in secret, Phobos built up his army. As before, Phobos tainted the minds of the living, but he also created even more terrible creatures than before; his skills in the creation of life now rivalled even Lyria's. It was during this time that Nardrôg - a demon of fire and shadow and hatred - is thought to have been born and this baneful creature is still thought to be the Dark Lord's favourite.

Though the Creators had not been so naïve to believe that war would never return to Erasan. It took many centuries for them to discover Phobos' existence and nature. A whole age for the Creators to see that Phobos was a contortion of their creation: formed from the imperfections in their work; and so they realised that they could not destroy him, nor imprison or tame such a being. Instead resolving to weaken him as best they could, by purging the world of the imperfections they had mistakenly woven into it. Even though they made progress: at times it seemed as though even as one tear was stitched, another thread of their delicate world came loose. However, they knew the only alternative to be the obliteration of their world and the Creators had become as much a part of the world as the elements from which it is formed.

The War Against the Shadow

Phobos soon realised his mistake and saw that the Creators knew of him and how they could weaken him. So, the Dark One began his invasion of Erasan prematurely, no longer afraid to expose himself to the world. Within the first few years, Phobos was able to take control of almost the entire world, one city falling after the next. Even Aerath, the least effected of all four continents, was taken over almost completely, bending to the will of the armies of shadow; all cities, save Tâgileim of the north-eastern dwarves, and Luthialeth, capital of the Northwood elves, were raised to the ground and survivors fled or were slain by the hands of the armies of shadow. Yet the most devastating attack was on the Gods' island, several of the Gods were destroyed by the might of Phobos and the island itself sank into the sea.

However, over time the conflict brought nations and peoples together and those not overcome by the will of the dark lord fought many battles against the invaders. Feuds and grudges were pardoned and forgotten, and previous enemies stood united against the armies of the dark one. Meanwhile, the Creators determinedly patched up the world whilst their children and loyal creatures waged war with the armies of the Dark Lord. Despite his efforts, Phobos felt his strength wane. The resolute stand of the forces of Erasan made him bitter and irate, and began to make mistakes. For just over 200 years the Second War of Shadows raged, until finally Phobos was exhausted and knew he had been defeated. He again returned to the shadows, for he had been weakened. Though the Creators and Gods knew he would forever plague their world.

The Many Worlds of Erasan

It is thought that from the beginning, or even through the actions of Eanir and Lyria themselves, multiple parallel worlds exist on top of one another. The Creators attempt to maintain as many of these parallel dimensions as possible, yet with every action, however small and apparently insignificant, a new world is brought into existence. Yet even as new worlds are formed, those neglected by the Creators and their children fade as Phobos' hold overwhelms them. Occasionally, between some of these worlds, gateways are opened, most placed by the Creators themselves to aid the battle against the Dark Lord.