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Spells are magical attacks which cost mana to be performed. They can be bought at the NPCs located at the Guilds of Learning, in Empo Sar.

Spells can be assigned to the F keys (F1 - F12). If you are using push to talk mode, the 1-12 keys will produce the same effect.

Physical Spells

Name Sprite Mana Type Description Cooldown(s) Price(cc) Can Learn
Swift Strike Swift Strike.png 20 Melee (Global) Deal a single melee hit to your current combat target with slightly increased damage (+15%). This ability resets the auto-attack timer. 4 Cannot be purchased (Automatically learned). Citizen, Apprentice, Page, Knight, Rogue, Marksman, Ranger, Cleric, Sorcerer, Wizard, Shaman
Quickshot Quickshot.png 20 Distance (Global) Quickly shoot 2 ranged auto-attacks at the current target (within 0.5s), temporarily ignoring weapon attack speed. 6 Cannot be purchased (Automatically learned). Citizen, Apprentice, Page, Knight, Rogue, Marksman, Ranger, Cleric, Sorcerer, Wizard, Shaman
Overdraw Overdraw.png 25 Distance (Global) Charge up a powerful distance attack against a target For 3s, or until deactivation. The longer the ability is charged, the higher the damage on release. Caster movement speed is reduced during charging (-15%). 6 500 Page, Rogue, Knight, Ranger, Marksman, Cleric
Deflect Deflect.png 40 Defense Increased dodge chance (+50%) and defense (+25%) against physical attacks for the next 5s; starting at a maximum and decreasing by half with every subsequent hit. Movement is slowed (-15%) for the duration of the spell. 20 500 Page, Rogue, Knight, Ranger, Marksman, Cleric
Penetrating Strike Crippling strike.png 40 Melee (Global) Deal a single melee hit to a target, ignoring 50% of the target's armor and shield defense, or 25% of total defense against monsters. 14 500 Page, Rogue, Knight, Ranger, Marksman, Cleric
Barbarous Throw Barbarous throw.png 40 Distance (Global) Hurl a throwing weapon at a single target, dealing damage and slowing that target (-25%) for 2s. The throwing weapon can in a hand slot, or taken directly from the quiver. If taken from the quiver, then the auto-attack timer is reset. 15 1000 Rogue
Homing Shot HomingShot.png 40 Distance Shoot a projectile at a target tile, dealing damage along the projectile's path. If the ability is recast within 4s, the projectile is recalled, dealing damage again along its new path and ignoring 50% of creature defences. 7 1000 Ranger
Acute Frenzy Acute frenzy.png 40 Distance (Global) For each successful consecutive distance auto-attack against a single target, the caster's attack speed is increased by 16%. This effect stacks multiplicatively. Blocked or missing attacks do not contribute to the stack. The effect lasts for 7s. 25 1000 Marksman
Impale Impale.png 50 Melee (Global) Impale a single target within 2 sqm, dealing moderate damage, severely restricting their movement (-45%), and reducing their physical defence (-25%) for 2.5s. 20 1000 Rogue
Smite Smite.png 50 Melee (Global) A physical strike of great force upon a single target within a radius of 2 sqm. Splash damage is applied to adjacent squares. On re-casting the ability, heal all surrouding players based on the damage inflicted. 15 1000 Cleric
Power Shot Power shot.png 50 Distance (Global) Shoot a high damage projectile at a target. On hit, the projectile shatters into pieces, dealing splash damage to tiles behind the target. 8 1000 Marksman
Flurry Flurry.png 50 Melee (Global) Auto-attack delay is reduced to 33% for the next 3 auto-attacks made within 4s. The 3rd auto-attack within 4s cannot be blocked and will deal bonus damage equal to the average damage from the first 2 hits. Movement speed is increased (+12%) for the duration. 10 1000 Rogue
Riposte Riposte.png 50 Defense The next attack against the caster, if the aggressor is within 1sqm, is blocked. The damage is dealt back to the aggressor, plus bonus damage, reducing the aggressor's move speed (-25%) for 2s. 10 1000 Knight
Volley Volley.png 55 Distance (Global) A volley of 9 projectiles fired at the same time; each projectile landing on a different square on and around the targeted tile. 8 1000 Marksman
Disembowel Disembowell.png 60 Melee (Global) Inflict melee damage on a single target, followed by severe bleeding for 3s. For 6s, attacks against the target reset the bleed duration, and caster auto-attacks against the target increase the bleed damage (max: 2x base, diminishing). 12 1000 Rogue
Heroic Strike Heroic Strike.png 60 Melee (Global) Deal high damage to a single target and lesser damage to all three sqm in the facing direction. 15 1000 Knight
Armament Armament.png 70 Defense Adopt a defensive posture for 10s, boosting your defences (+30%), but at the cost of attack damage (-10%), attack speed (-20%) and movement speed (-10%). At the end of the ability, recoup 10:35 HP based on total HP and damage taken. 25 1000 Knight
Tracker's Mark Tracker's Mark.png 80 Distance (Global) Imbue a projectile with slow-acting magical damage which is minor but afflicts a single target for 120s; allowing that target to be tracked over long distances. The target's defense will also be lowered (-15%) for 15s. 30 1000 Ranger

Magical Spells

Name Sprite Mana Type Description Cooldown(s) Price(cc) Can Learn
Light Light.png 10 + 0.1/s Support A soft ebbing light surrounds you, lighting your way in the darkness. Press hotkey once to activate, press again to deactivate. 1 500 Apprentice, Ranger, Cleric, Sorcerer, Wizard, Shaman
Elemental Missile Elemental missile.png 5 Nature, Destruction Hurl a missile formed of destructive and nature elemental energy at the current target. 2 1000 Sorcerer
Pebble Missile Pebble missile.png 15 Nature Raise a pebble from the ground and propel it towards an enemy. 2 500 Apprentice, Ranger, Cleric, Sorcerer, Wizard, Shaman
Sprint Sprint.png 30 Support Increased movement speed (+25%) for 6s. 24 Cannot be purchased (Automatically learned). Citizen, Apprentice, Page, Knight, Rogue, Marksman, Ranger, Cleric, Sorcerer, Wizard, Shaman
Fire Fist Fire fist.png 30 Destruction Conjour a ball of flame around your fist and hurl it 5 sqm in the direction of the targeted tile, dealing immediate damage and inflicting burning on any it passes through. 4 500 Apprentice, Ranger, Cleric, Sorcerer, Wizard, Shaman
Taunt Taunt.png 30 Support Force all monsters within 2 sqm to target you for a few seconds. Taunted creatures deal reduced damage (-10%) to enemies that aren't the taunter. Not staying close to a taunted monster may cause the effect to wear off. 12 1000 Knight
Cripple Cripple.png 30 Support Focus on the weak points in your enemy's defenses. Hitting a target with three unique damaging attacks in 2s, and within 6s of casting, will cripple the target's move speed (-20%), cause bleeding, and cancel the ability. 10 1000 Marksman
Precision Precision.png 30 + 5 MP/shot Support Whilst active, distance auto-attacks are granted increased hit chance (+30%), and deal additional bonus damage based on the target's missing health (+1 damage per 5% missing HP). 10 500 Page, Rogue, Knight, Ranger, Marksman, Cleric
Glacial Imbue Ice shard.png 30 + 5/shot Nature Imbue auto-attacks with ice crystals, which remain embedded in the target and slow movement speed (-4%), for 7s. On deactivating the ability, cause embedded crystals to rupture, dealing damage per stack and removing the slow. 8 1000 Ranger
Mark of Augur MarkOfAugur.png 40 + 3/s Support For as long as the ability is active, damaging auto-attacks and abilities mark targets for 2s. Any damage dealt to a marked target consumes the mark to deal bonus magic damage. 10 1000 Cleric
Swarm Swarm.png 50 Nature Conjure up a swarm of insects to surround and deal damage to a target for 2.5s. If the target dies in this time, then the swarm is transfered to the next lowest health creature within 1 sqm and the duration is reset by 0.5s. 8 1000 Shaman
Lightning Bomb LightningBomb.png 50 Destruction After a 0.5s delay, conjure an orb of lightning energy on a tile. If a creature moves into the orb within 8s, it will explode, damaging tiles within 2 sqm. 18 1000 Sorcerer
Channel Energy ChannelEnergy.png 50 Destruction For 3s, channel destructive energy towards a target. The closer the target, the higher the damage inflicted. 10 1000 Wizard
Flash Frost Flash frost.png 50 Nature Blight the targeted ground with a wall of severe frost for 3s, dealing damage and slowing the movement speed (-40%) of any walking through the effected tiles. 16 1000 Sorcerer
Harvest Harvest.png 50 Support For 8s, harvest a portion of the damage dealt by the caster to replenish HP/MP. If the caster has full HP or MP, the regen is instead put into a magic shield. 30 1000 Shaman
Cursed Ground CursedGround.png 50 Nature, Destruction Curse the ground around a targeted tile within 5 sqm, for 2s. Any creature that enters the area is dealt damage over time and reduced magical defence (-15%) for as long as they remain inside it. 20 500 Apprentice, Ranger, Cleric, Sorcerer, Wizard, Shaman
Charge Charge.png 50 Support Gain bonus move speed for 4s (+50% max) after 1s. If caster attacks anyone in this time the effect is cancelled, but the hit is granted bonus melee damage (+25%) and hit chance (+100%), and applies a movement speed debuff (-12%) for 2s. 20 1000 Knight
Magic Shield Magic Shield.png 50 Protection Select a target to protect with a magical shield which blocks a set amount of damage for 8 seconds. 10 500 Apprentice, Ranger, Cleric, Sorcerer, Wizard, Shaman
Berserk Berserk.png 50 + 1 MP/s. Support Deal damage to surrounding tiles on activation. Whilst active, melee auto-attacks deal splash damage on either side, the caster is granted bonus melee attack speed (+25%) and movement speed (+10%), but reduced shield defence (-50%). 10 500 Page, Rogue, Knight, Ranger, Marksman, Cleric
Barkskin Barkskin.png 50 +2/s Protection, Nature Start generating a self-replenishing shield around the target (3s to replenish fully), protecting against a percentage of damage. Incoming attacks reduce the shield (-1% per 1 damage), and prevents its replenishment for 3s. 20 1000 Ranger
Doom Doom.png 60 Support Doom a single target, inflicting a small amount of damage over time, reducing the target's defences (-27%), damage output (-27%), and hit chance of attacks they make (-27%), for 4s. 16 1000 Shaman
Heal Heal.png 60 Protection Regenerate lost health, and instantly remove the effects of poisons, burning and bleeding. 6 500 Apprentice, Ranger, Cleric, Sorcerer, Wizard, Shaman
Static Shot Static Shot.png 60 Support Imbue a projectile with a static charge, dealing instant damage and slowing the target's movement (-15%) for 1s. For 1.5s after casting, the static will deteriorate but may be discharged onto characters on adjacent squares. 8 1000 Ranger
Pillar of Fire Pillar of Fire.png 60 Destruction A pillar of fire erupts upon a targeted tile and a flaming aura explodes out from it, dealing instant damage and burning all enemies on and surrounding the target tile. 10 1000 Sorcerer
Enrage Fury.png 60 Support For 5s, any attack against the caster and any damaging attack by the caster, adds a stack of enrage. Each stack of enrage lasts for 6s, granting the caster increased melee damage (+5%, max 50%), but reduced defence (-2%, max -20%). 20 1000 Knight
Condemn Condemn.png 60 Destruction Mark a target, inflicting damage on them whenever they move. After 4s, or when the ability is cancelled, deal final damage based on target missing health (+1% damage per 1% HP). 20 1000 Wizard
Bloodlust Bloodlust.png 60 Support For 5s, every damaging auto-attack dealt increases the caster's HP regen (+10HP over 5s, adjusted by target level) and movement speed (+5%, max 50%) for 5s. Half the damage taken by the caster is deferred until after the effect is over. 20 1000 Rogue
Retribution Retribution.png 70 Support For 6s, every attack against the caster slows the aggressor (-20%). The caster's attacks against aggressors apply additional damage (10-50% of triggering damage) after a brief delay. 16 1000 Wizard
Meteor Meteor.png 70 Nature, Destruction Command rocks up from the ground and form them into a meteor above the target tile. After 1s, the meteor falls to the ground, exploding on impact to deal huge damage to the target and surrounding tiles. 14 1000 Sorcerer
Ensnare Ensnare.png 70 Nature Coax a tangle of roots to rise up from the ground at a targeted area for 2.5s. Creatures within the area are slowed and suffer damage for as long as they remain inside the area and based on how close they are from the centre. 24 1000 Shaman
Orb Pulse OrbPulse.png 70 Destruction Shoot out 3 waves of destructive orbs in the direction of the targeted tile. Each orb that hits a target deals damage and slows that target (-10%) for 2s. 10 1000 Wizard
Absorb Absorbb.png 70 Protection, Destruction Conjure a shield to absorb a percentage of incoming damage for 8s. Drain nearby enemies of health over time, each tick adding to the shield (+5%) and granting caster MP (+5MP). Cancelling the shield dissipates its power around the caster. 15 1000 Wizard
Dispel Dispel.png 80 Protection Instantly removes any active negative timed effects from a target, including poison, bleeding, burning, curses, and any active movement speed buffs and debuffs. 16 1000 Cleric
Virulence Virulence.png 80 Nature Unleash a concoction of pathogens upon a target. The effect is infectious to a range of 2 sqm for 2s after casting. For 15s, targets suffer damage based partly on max HP, slowed movement (-15%), and reduced damage output (-5-10%). 16 1000 Shaman
Mirror Shield MirrorShield.png 90 Protection For 4s, the caster blocks a percentage of all incoming damage (10-50%) and reflects that blocked damage onto the two tiles in the facing direction. 16 1000 Cleric
Restoration Heal other.png 120 Protection Heal the target and caster slightly on casting. Then, for 5s, increase the movement speed of target (+10%) and caster (+5%), and heal the target based on their missing HP every 0.5s; granting immunity to poison, burning and bleeding. 15 1000 Cleric
Multishot Multi shot.png 80 +2/s Support Caster may select up to two targets to auto-attack simultaneously. Hold Ctrl to assign multiple targets. If only one target is selected, then auto-attacks against that target deal greater damage (+20%). Press hotkey once to activate, press again to deactivate. 20 1000 Marksman

Removed Spells

Name Sprite Mana Type Description Cooldown(s) Could Learn Removed Replacement
Ice Shard File:Ice Shard.png 25 Nature You form a shard of ice in mid-air and send it hurtling towards a single enemy, slowing their movement (-6%) for 10s. 2 2020-03-21 update
Antidote Antidote.png 40 Protection You cleanse your body from natural poisons and ailments. 8 2020-03-21 update Antidote Elixir
Siphon Siphon.png 50 Destruction Inflict high magical damage on a target within 3 sqm. If the ability kills the target then the caster is refunded half the MP cost of the ability, plus MP equal to 3x the target's level. 12 Wizard 2020-03-21 update