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Name Sprite Description Magic Defense Properties Weight Sell(cc) Buy(cc) Dropped By
Wedding Ring Wedding Ring.png The name 'Chambers' is inscribed on the inside of the ring. 15g

​ ​ Quest Reward

Tourmaline Ring Tourmaline Ring.png 5
15% support

Beastcaller Karr.png Quest Reward

Serpentine Band Serpentine Band.png Increases wearer's chance to evade an attack.
22 dexterity


Defender Ring Defender Ring.png
15% protective

Dwarf Steelclad.png

Eleonore's Ring Eleonore's Ring.png The name 'Eleonore' is inscribed on the inside of the ring. 10g

​ ​ Quest Reward

Ring of Might Ring of might.png Wielded by some of the feared Black Blood members, this ring empowers the wearer with unmatched might
10% melee
28g 200

Orc Savage.png Mogrash Blacktooth.pngSal Cotton.png

Hollow Ring Hollow Ring.png The ring holds the essence of a valiant warrior
12% melee
12% distance
25g 250

Fastfoot Rufus.png

Ring of Gust Ring of Gust.png This ring enhances the wearer's movement speed, at a cost.
15% movement speed
-7% physical defense
40g 250

Frost Wyvern.png Ceggadys.png

Silver Ring Silver Ring.png
20% hit chance
25g 250

Dwarf Thunderer.png

Nightstalker Ring Nightstalker ring.png
10% support
3% movement speed
24g 250

Gloptoad.pngPredator.pngQuagwyrm.pngWarg.pngWiralof.pngWitch.png Witch Freia.pngWitch Keka.pngWitch Rosice.png

Sylvan Ring Sylvan ring.png
5% distance
7% nature
7% support
30g 250

Orc Beastmaster.pngOrc Hunter.pngOutlaw Hunter.pngWitch.png Witch Keka.png

Dragontooth Ring Dragontooth ring.png The enchantment on this ring contains a fraction of a dragon's power 5
14% destructive
25g 250

Ember Wyvern.pngHill Giant.pngOrc Magus.png Ceggadys.pngMordrir Skyfire.pngNysandra Celistriel.pngSirl Imparo.png

Stormwitch Ring Stormwitch ring.png
10% nature
10% destructive
40g 250

Witch.png Witch Freia.pngWitch Keka.pngWitch Rosice.png

Deadeye Ring Deadeye ring.png
8% distance
10% hit chance
25g 250

Archenaid.pngSkeleton Archer.png Helina Floretty.pngShrachlor.png

Sentinel Ring Sentinel Ring.png
9% protective
7% support
25g 250

Protectorate Knight.pngSwamp Troll.png Ferorn Morphis.png

Matriarch's Ring Matriarch's Ring.png
10% melee
12% protective
10% support
35g 250


Emerald Ring Emerald Ring.png
8% nature
10% support
5g 2000

Witch.png Witch Freia.pngWitch Keka.pngWitch Rosice.png

Diamond Ring Diamond ring.png 25g 2500

Cave Troll.pngDwarf Artificer.pngSwamp Troll.pngWiralof.png