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Female Ranger.png Male Ranger.png
Rangers are able to use distance weapons with great precision, but are also patient students of magic. The main strengths of a ranger lie with combining magical and physical distance attacks; using magic to alter the power and to imbue projectiles to cause extra damage or disorientate their enemies. Rangers also have a good appreciation of the natural world, which they may often use to their advantage, especially in encouraging wild creatures to do their bidding.

Abilities and Spells

Name Sprite Mana Type Description Cooldown(s) Price
Light Light.png 10 + 0.1/s Support A soft ebbing light surrounds you, lighting your way in the darkness. Press hotkey once to activate, press again to deactivate. 1 500
Pebble Missile Pebble missile.png 15 Nature Raise a pebble from the ground and propel it towards an enemy. 2 500
Swift Strike Swift Strike.png 20 Melee (Global) Deal a single melee hit to your current combat target with slightly increased damage (+15%). This ability resets the auto-attack timer. 4 Cannot be purchased (Automatically learned).
Quickshot Quickshot.png 20 Distance (Global) Quickly shoot 2 ranged auto-attacks at the current target (within 0.5s), temporarily ignoring weapon attack speed. 6 Cannot be purchased (Automatically learned).
Overdraw Overdraw.png 25 Distance (Global) Charge up a powerful distance attack against a target For 3s, or until deactivation. The longer the ability is charged, the higher the damage on release. Caster movement speed is reduced during charging (-15%). 6 500
Sprint Sprint.png 30 Support Increased movement speed (+25%) for 6s. 24 Cannot be purchased (Automatically learned).
Fire Fist Fire fist.png 30 Destruction Conjour a ball of flame around your fist and hurl it 5 sqm in the direction of the targeted tile, dealing immediate damage and inflicting burning on any it passes through. 4 500
Precision Precision.png 30 + 5 MP/shot Support Whilst active, distance auto-attacks are granted increased hit chance (+30%), and deal additional bonus damage based on the target's missing health (+1 damage per 5% missing HP). 10 500
Glacial Imbue Ice shard.png 30 + 5/shot Nature Imbue auto-attacks with ice crystals, which remain embedded in the target and slow movement speed (-4%), for 7s. On deactivating the ability, cause embedded crystals to rupture, dealing damage per stack and removing the slow. 8 1000
Deflect Deflect.png 40 Defense Increased dodge chance (+50%) and defense (+25%) against physical attacks for the next 5s; starting at a maximum and decreasing by half with every subsequent hit. Movement is slowed (-15%) for the duration of the spell. 20 500
Homing Shot HomingShot.png 40 Distance Shoot a projectile at a target tile, dealing damage along the projectile's path. If the ability is recast within 4s, the projectile is recalled, dealing damage again along its new path and ignoring 50% of creature defences. 7 1000
Penetrating Strike Crippling strike.png 40 Melee (Global) Deal a single melee hit to a target, ignoring 50% of the target's armor and shield defense, or 25% of total defense against monsters. 14 500
Magic Shield Magic Shield.png 50 Protection Select a target to protect with a magical shield which blocks a set amount of damage for 8 seconds. 10 500
Cursed Ground CursedGround.png 50 Nature, Destruction Curse the ground around a targeted tile within 5 sqm, for 2s. Any creature that enters the area is dealt damage over time and reduced magical defence (-15%) for as long as they remain inside it. 20 500
Berserk Berserk.png 50 + 1 MP/s. Support Deal damage to surrounding tiles on activation. Whilst active, melee auto-attacks deal splash damage on either side, the caster is granted bonus melee attack speed (+25%) and movement speed (+10%), but reduced shield defence (-50%). 10 500
Barkskin Barkskin.png 50 +2/s Protection, Nature Start generating a self-replenishing shield around the target (3s to replenish fully), protecting against a percentage of damage. Incoming attacks reduce the shield (-1% per 1 damage), and prevents its replenishment for 3s. 20 1000
Static Shot Static Shot.png 60 Support Imbue a projectile with a static charge, dealing instant damage and slowing the target's movement (-15%) for 1s. For 1.5s after casting, the static will deteriorate but may be discharged onto characters on adjacent squares. 8 1000
Heal Heal.png 60 Protection Regenerate lost health, and instantly remove the effects of poisons, burning and bleeding. 6 500
Tracker's Mark Tracker's Mark.png 80 Distance (Global) Imbue a projectile with slow-acting magical damage which is minor but afflicts a single target for 120s; allowing that target to be tracked over long distances. The target's defense will also be lowered (-15%) for 15s. 30 1000