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Name Sprite Mana Description Cooldown(s) Price Can Learn
Magic Shield Magic Shield.png 50 Select a target to protect with a magical shield which blocks a set amount of damage for 8 seconds. 10 500 Apprentice, Ranger, Cleric, Sorcerer, Wizard, Shaman
Barkskin Barkskin.png 50 +2/s Start generating a self-replenishing shield around the target (3s to replenish fully), protecting against a percentage of damage. Incoming attacks reduce the shield (-1% per 1 damage), and prevents its replenishment for 3s. 20 1000 Ranger
Heal Heal.png 60 Regenerate lost health, and instantly remove the effects of poisons, burning and bleeding. 6 500 Apprentice, Ranger, Cleric, Sorcerer, Wizard, Shaman
Absorb Absorbb.png 70 Conjure a shield to absorb a percentage of incoming damage for 8s. Drain nearby enemies of health over time, each tick adding to the shield (+5%) and granting caster MP (+5MP). Cancelling the shield dissipates its power around the caster. 15 1000 Wizard
Dispel Dispel.png 80 Instantly removes any active negative timed effects from a target, including poison, bleeding, burning, curses, and any active movement speed buffs and debuffs. 16 1000 Cleric
Mirror Shield MirrorShield.png 90 For 4s, the caster blocks a percentage of all incoming damage (10-50%) and reflects that blocked damage onto the two tiles in the facing direction. 16 1000 Cleric
Restoration Heal other.png 120 Heal the target and caster slightly on casting. Then, for 5s, increase the movement speed of target (+10%) and caster (+5%), and heal the target based on their missing HP every 0.5s; granting immunity to poison, burning and bleeding. 15 1000 Cleric