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In-game map of Mirai
Overview of the town of Mirai
Faction: Emposian Kingdom
Continent: Aerath
Region: Firlow
Description: Mirai is an Emposian town on the southern side of the Korlayra Mountains on Aerath.
Accessible since: 2015-03-08


Name Sprite Location Description
Alvin Sparrows Alvin Sparrows.png Farmer
Dawn Minar-Mirrizus Dawn Minar-Mirrizus.png Priestess
Erik Stout Erik Stout.png Smith
Georgina Isely Georgina Isely.png City Guard
Kathrine Zebrak Kathrine Zebrak.png City Guard
Laurence Queris Laurence Queris.png Merchant
Niev Sparrows Niev Sparrows.png Butcher
Olivia Starheart Olivia Starheart.png Alchemist
Solvek Tarandaren Solvek Tarandaren.png Ferryman
Telos Greene Telos Greene.png City Guard
Terra Baerin Terra Baerin.png House auctioneer
Tia Heraldor Tia Heraldor.png Library Librarian
Urwin Alebeard Urwin Alebeard.png Landlord of The Old Dragon Inn
Yery Alebeard Yery Alebeard.png Tavern Worker

Library Books

Name Covers Authors
A Brief Study of Magic Book6.pngBook11.png Critos Thales
A Cold Midnight Visitor Book7.png Hera Wittman
An examination of the Korlayra anomaly Book10.png Geruda Xois, Nora Pebbleburton, Girinath Longsilve
Calendars and Time Book3.pngBook4.png
Classes(Book) Book9.pngBook12.png Thom Alingson
Death and the Underworld Book4.pngBook7.png Martha Kore
Encyclopedia of Herbology Book5.pngBook12.png Solomon Fallows, Michael Relius, Heather Sands, et al
Encyclopedia of Zoology Book5.pngBook12.png Cecily Grey and Maud Savill
Extract from: The Wonders of Alchemy Book4.pngBook11.png Terix Bridgewater
Genesis Book.png
Great Historical Figures of Aerath Book5.pngBook7.png Tia Heraldor
Memories of Fundy Whitemoon Book3.pngBook8.pngBook10.png Claire Mirarla
Monarchs of the Emposian Kingdom Book5.pngBook Monarchs.png Tia Heraldor
Of Elves Book12.png Landil Freanimath
Of Stags and Fawns Book3.pngBook7.png
Out Of This World Book4.pngBook12.png Marc Veralis
Standard Elemental Abbreviations Book10.pngBook11.png Rhiannon Miratus
The Age of Emposia Book7.png Tia Heraldor
The Daggers of Almathr Book7.png Arius Larithidun
The First Queen Book7.png Melvin Heraldor
The Fundamentals of Potions and Potionmastery Book5.png Marlin Bridgewater
The Gates Between Worlds Book7.pngBook11.png Zeletia Nemos
The Gods and Goddesses of Erasan Book12.png
The Hitchhiker's Guide to Erasan Book.pngBook9.png Adam Douglas
The Malieran Wars Book7.png Ethan Morfallow
The Owl of Timari Book7.png
The Suns of Erasan Book4.pngBook9.png Solixtus Ar-Zilaran
The Tome of Skills Book3.pngBook7.png Thom Alingson
The Tome of Strength, Wisdom and Dexterity Book3.pngBook7.png Thom Alingson