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Almost all the information on this wiki is written and updated by the players themselves. For this reason the wiki relies on the effort of players to maintain accurate and up-to-date information about the game. This can also include you. Everyone can easily make an account on the wiki and afterwards start adding new information, correcting information, removing wrong information or creating new pages. There are a few restrictions in place but they aren't really something you need to worry about. Remember that every little bit helps and if everyone does a little it will add up to a lot over time!

How to create an account on the wiki

You can create an account by clicking 'Create account' in the top right corner of this site. This will take you to a different page for account creation. Fill in the requested information to create an account. Although it says optional, you need to add your email and confirm the address (you will get a confirmation e-mail) if you want to edit info on the wiki. Having a confirmed email also helps you to recover your account in case you forget your password or username!

boarder Picture of the account creation site.

Editing the wiki

Editing information on the wiki is pretty straightforward but can be confusing and intimidating at a first glance. Simplest way is to just look at what already has been done and following example and copying the existing text. It's important to be bold with the editing and to just try and see if it works. There is the 'Show preview' button after all so you don't have to be afraid of ruining anything before saving your edits!

Example on how to edit stuff on the wiki

In this section a few basic examples with pictures will be given below on how to edit the wiki. This will serve as a start to your wiki editing journey. For more help or information on wiki editing you can visit the MediaWiki's site or go to Phobos Discord and ask there for help from players who edit the wiki.

Example case: You kill a creature and find loot that is not listed on the wiki and you want to add it there. Here's what to do (In this example I will be using the creature Frog).

  • Log in to your account that has verified email.
  • Go to Creatures page.
  • Find the creature you looted the item from and click on the link of said creature.

ExampleCreatureWikiEdit.PNG creature link

  • You will be brought to the creature's own page.
  • On the creature's own page click 'Edit' button on the top right corner of wiki, it will open a page like this.


  • On this page you need to find the specific line of information of what you want to edit. In this example case it would be the line 'Loot'.
  • Let's say you want to add copper coins and frog legs to the loot of Frog. This is what you would need to write in order to do that.


This might look like a very daunting task at first but usually the creatures already have some loot added on the wiki, so you can just copy what has been done before and follow the example.

In the picture above, the double brackets [ act as a link to the copper coin wiki page. The left-side text of vertical bar | 'Copper Coin' tells the exact page Copper Coin where it will link (Case sensitivity! And it has to be written exactly right!). The right-side text of the vertical bar | '0-? Copper Coins' tells however what the actual text is which contains the link to the wiki page Copper Coin.

NOTE: As briefly mentioned before, text such as item names which link to their corresponding wiki pages are case sensitive and need to be written exactly right for them to work so you need to keep that in mind.

  • Now after doing the edit be sure to click the 'Show preview' button at the bottom first to check how the edit would look (see picture below) before saving the changes by clicking the 'Save changes' button.


NOTE: In the picture above the red text on '0-? Frog legs' means that it doesn't link to any existing page on the wiki. This could be because of a spelling error (case sensitivity etc.) but in this case it's because page for frog legs doesn't yet exist.

  • If everything looks good, now click the 'Save changes' buttons to save your edit.
  • After a while the changes you made should show up on the wiki Creatures section.


  • And you're done! You've successfully edited the wiki and made a contribution to the cause! Good job!

Picture of another creature which already has loot added to it. As mentioned before, in this case it would be easier to just copy and follow the example of previous text that has already been added so there would be no need to think about brackets [ and other stuff by yourself. boarder