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Guidelines for Phobos Fansites

To become a supported fansite, it must follow these rules:

  • Stick to only writing information about Phobos.
  • Fansites are free to set their own rules, however they must not encourage the breaking of any Phobos rules, for example: by linking to a cheat tool.
  • Do not provide any quest spoilers.
  • Act professionally and avoid including personal opinions in articles and such (unless it is specifically stated that these are the writer's personal opinions, of course).
  • Unless presented in a mature and constructive manner, articles against Myth Entertainment are strictly prohibited.
  • The proper use of the fansite's native language should be used at all times when submitting global content (news, articles, POTD, etc).
  • Supported fansite administrators must act on Myth Entertainment staff demands concerning content removal or any required editing.
  • Give credits to Myth Entertainment staff for the game by linking to the Phobos website.

List of Fansites