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Console is a chat channel on the client in which you can type commands. The following commands are available to regular players:

  • help: shows the list of commands
  • help {keyword}: show the description of a command
  • location: report your current location
  • map info: report your current map information
  • enable combat report:
  • disable combat report:
  • calculate melee attack: calculate melee attack of your avatar
  • calculate melee defense: calculate melee defense of your avatar
  • calculate distance attack: calculate distance attack of your avatar
  • calculate distance defense: calculate distance defense of your avatar
  • calculate magic attack {skill}: calculate magic attack of a certain magic skill (nature, destruction, protection, or support)
  • calculate magic defense: calculate magic defense of your avatar
  • show skill pool: show the experience currently in your skill pool
  • show capacity: shows the current weight of items that you're holding
  • invite {player}: invite the given player to your party
  • attributes reset: reset your character attributes (STR/DEX/WIS), allowing you to redistribute all attribute points
  • uptime: shows how long the server has been running
  • online: displays a list of all online players