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These help topics should answer any basic questions you might have about Phobos controls, gameplay and rules. You can find this info in-game at any time by pressing Ctrl + H.

You may also ask any questions regarding Phobos gameplay, client controls or technical difficulties in the help channel, where staff and experienced players may be able to answer your questions.

Basic Movement

Left-click a specific square to move to that square. Alternatively, hold right mouse button in order to move your character in the direction of the mouse cursor.

In addition, you may use the W, A, S, D or arrow keys to move your character up, left, down and right. Using the Q, E, Z, C keys will allow you to move diagonally.


There are various ways to move up or down floors. The most common are by stairs and ladders. To move up a set of stairs, simply walk into the bottom of the stair. To use ladders, right-click the bottom of the ladder.



Right-click an object to use it. The action made will vary based on the nature of the object; using a ladder will cause you to climb, whilst using a potion will cause you to drink it.


Right-click a creature to attack it. A red outline around a creature indicates which creature you are attacking. Depending on whether you have a melee or distance weapon equipped, you will attack the target using the default melee or distance attack. The default attack for any weapon is weak. As your character improves over time you will be able to learn various spells and feats to use instead.


Shift-left click an object or another character in order to examine it. A pop-up will show more information on the object or character that you examine.


Creatures may drop loot when they die. Right-click a creature's corpse to see whether the creature has dropped any items. Any items dropped by the creature will appear in a new container on the right-hand side of the client.

Moving Items

Drag & drop an item with the left mouse button to move it to the desired location. If you are trying to move a stack of items in this way, a window will pop-up asking you how many items you wish to move from the stack. Either type the number of items or move the slider according to how many items you wish to move. If you want to bypass this window to quickly move all the items in a stack at once, then hold Alt whilst dragging the items.


You may communicate with NPCs and other players using the chat box at the bottom of the client.

There are two chat modes available in Phobos, as explained below. Use Ctrl + M to quickly switch between these two chat modes.

Push-to-talk On (Default)

The default chat option in Phobos is 'push-to-talk'. This means that you have to activate the chat before you can type. With push-to-talk, press Enter to activate the chat and type your message. Send the message by pressing Enter again.

Push-to-talk Off

If push-to-talk mode is turned off, then any alphanumerical keys that you press will be considered as chat text. You may still move around using the arrow keys and mouse when using either chat mode.


To join a new chat channel, click the speech bubble button to the left of the chat box (icon shown below). Pressing TAB will cycle you through any chat channels that you have already joined.


Private Messaging (PM)

To privately message another player, either left-click the player's name in your Friends list, or type a "#" before the player's name in the chat. This will open a new private chat channel between you and the other player.

For example: typing "#John Smith" (without quotation marks) will open a new private chat channel with the character named John Smith).

Spells, Feats and Hotkeys

Spells and feats may be taught by various NPCs that you may meet as you explore the world.

Assigning Hotkeys

Right-click a hotkey in the spellbar underneath the in-game window to open the spellbook. Select from the list of known spells/feats and press OK to assign the selected spell/feat to the hotkey.

To hide/show the spellbar, press Ctrl-B at any time.

Using Hotkeys

To use a spell/feat which has been assigned to the spellbar, simply press the corresponding key on your keyboard for that spell (default F1-F12). Alternatively, left-click an assigned hotkey in the hotkey bar to activate it. Spells which act on you as the caster will be cast automatically. However you may have to left-click again inside the game window in order to cast spells which act in a set area around you or have to be aimed. Use right-click to cancel one of these aimed or area spells/feats.


The keys used for movement, hotkeys and certainfunctions can be customised.

Customizing movement, hotkeys and functions

To access the customisation menus, click on the Settings button at the topileft of the client. This will open in a new window. Click Control. and then choose from the menu whether you want to customise movement, hotkeys or functions.


Equipment Slots

Your equipment and hand slots are located at the bottom-right of the client. To equip an item, simply drag & drop it into the relevant slot.

Equipment Requirements

Keep in mind that certain items may have certain prerequisite requirements in order for you to use them. For instance, heavier armors may only be worn by characters with a certain strength level, whilst using a certain wand may require a high wisdom level. You may examine an item to find out any prerequisites associated with an item by using Shift-left click on that item.

Non-Player Characters (NPCs)

As you explore the world, you will find many NPCs who may, or may not, be happy to talk to you. NPCs respond to text written in the 'Main' chat channel.

Start a Conversation

To greet an NPC, approach them and say hello. You may find that an NPC behaves differently to you depending on your character's level, class, gender, items carried, what you say to them, and any quests you might have completed.

If you're stuck with what to say to an NPC, perhaps start off by asking them about their job, whether they have any quests that you could help them with, or just kindly ask them how are you?. Don't forget to end the conversation with a polite farewell when you're done!


Trading With NPCs

Greet an NPC by saying hello. Then ask them what they have to trade. If the NPC has items to buy or sell, then a trade window will open. Drag & drop the items you want from the trade window, set the number you wish to buy, and confirm the trade.

Trading With Players

Press Ctrl + T and then left-click another player to initiate a trade with that player. Once both players do this, a trade window will open.

Drag & drop the items you wish to trade into your side of the trade window. When you are happy with your own and the other player's offer, click accept. Both players must accept in order to confirm the trade.

Bank and Storage

The bank is a place to deposit your well-earned money and store any items that you don't wish to carry around with you all the time. Banks are found in all towns and cities. Conveniently for Noble Account users, the items placed in your bank will be accessible to you at any bank in the world. Free Account users may still use banks, however the items you place in a bank in one city may only be accessed from that city.

Storing Items

To store money or items in a bank, simply approach one of the available banker NPCs, greet them by saying hello and then answer by saying yes when they ask whether you would like to access your bank and storage hold. Your bank and storage hold will then be opened in a new window for you to add/remove items and money as you please.

Character Information

Press Ctrl-C or click the Character button at the top-left of the client to open your character information window. This includes a summary of your stats, attributes and skills.


To change your outfit, click the outfit button in the character information window. There you will be able to cycle through any available outfit addons and colours.


Attributes are a measure of your character's physical and mental abilities. There are three attributes: Strength, Dexterity, Wisdom. Each time you level-up, you must choose which attributes you want to increase. The Character button at the top-left of the client will be highlighted green when you are able to choose attributes after a level-up. Your choice of attributes will affect your character's ability in combat, but also the total HP and MP gained on your level-up, as summarised below:

Strength - Increased melee combat damage, increased weight-carrying capacity, wear heavier armors (HP +10 / MP +1).

Dexterity - Increased distance combat damage, increased hit chance and dodge chance, faster walking speed (HP +3 / MP +1).

Wisdom - Increased magical combat damage, increased magical defence, wear better robes (HP +1 / MP +10).


Skills are a measure of how proficient you are in the various forms of combat. There are 12 skills, and you will find that some skills are more suitable for some classes than others.

These skills may be split into two categories: physical and magical.

The physical skills are: swords, daggers, hammers, polearms (including axes), defence, archery, throwing and firearms.

The magical skills are: nature, destruction, protection, support.

Skills are raised over time when using weapons, spells and feats appropriate to that skill.



All players start out in the most basic class: the citizen. The combat capabilites of the citizen in battle are minimal, and even their abilities to increase their combat skills are severely limited. As citizens are not members of any of the Guilds of Learning, they are unable to learn even the simplest of magics or perform even basic feats.

However the Page Guild and Apprentice Guild, which study physical and magical combat disciplines respectively, are always looking for new members.


Pages are followers of the physical combat discliplines; favouring melee and physical distance combat over magical combat. As such, pages are moderately proficient in each of the physical combat skills: swords, daggers, polearms, clubs, bows, throwing weapons, firearms, and defence.

The Page Guild leader in Timar is Kurt Talbot, and may be found to the south-east of Timari market.


Apprentices are disciples of magic; favouring spells and enchantments over physical combat. Apprentices are moderately proficient in each of the magic combat skills: natural, desctructive, support and protection.

The Apprentice Guild leader in Timar is Arian Saunders, and may be found to the north-west of Timari market.


Parties are an ideal way to hunt in groups.

Joining or Starting a Party

Press Ctrl + I and then select another player in order to either accept their invitation to a party, or invite them to your own.

Experience Split

Experience gained is shared between all members of a party based on their contribution in the battle. Party members may contribute in a battle against an aggressing creature in a number of ways: inflicting damage upon an aggressing creature, taking damage from the aggressing creature, healing party members, casting buffs on party members, and casting debuffs on the aggressing creature.


In Phobos, death happens. But it is not the end of your story.

Death Penalties

Whenever you die, you will be reincarnated inside one of the many temples in Erasan. There are of course penalties associated with death, as summarised below:

  • All your level and skills progress get reseted to 0%.


By creating an account and/or playing the online role-playing game Phobos and/or download/installing/using the Phobos client software, you accept the full official Phobos rules as provided on the official Phobos website.

Keep in mind that misspelling, adding or removing characters, using abbreviations or alternative spellings does not exempt any details from these restrictions, neither does violating any of the rules in the following sections in a language other than English.

Read the full article about rules here.