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Name Sprite Description Magic Defense Properties Weight Sell(cc) Buy(cc) Dropped By
Amulet of Ziridalaeth Amulet of Zirdaleath.png There is a tiny engraving of a bird engulfed in flame on the back of this amulet.
8% nature
12% destructive
8% support

Sirl Imparo.pngSirl Imparo (Illusion).png

Shrunken Skull Pendant Shrunken Skull Pendant.png 12
10% protective
15% support

Bar-gura.pngDwarf Artificer.png

Charm of the Elder Tree Charm of the Elder Tree.png Crafted from ancient bark, its mystical essence now faded with the passage of time 15
20% nature
-5% destructive
5% support

​ ​ Quest Reward

Protective Amulet Protective amulet.png 15
8% protective
49g 40

Wiralof.pngWirathistle.pngWitch.png Ferorn Morphis.png

Beastmaster Whistle Beastmaster whistle.png
10% support
180g 50

Orc Beastmaster.png

Demonic Seedling Demonic Seedling.png An infernal artifact, amplifying your magical abilities with dark sorcery 10
15% nature
10% destructive
45g 50


Urys' Firestone Amulet Firestone amulet.png Somebody has crudely scratched 'Urys' into the red gemstone. This amulet absorbs a portion of magic inflicted upon its wearer and redirects it to enhance the user's destructive magic. 12
8% destructive
56g 60

​ ​ Quest Reward

Basilisk Amulet Basilisk amulet.png 17
5% nature
51g 70

Archenaid.pngGloptoad.pngGoblin Witchmaster.pngPisaura.pngPredator.pngQuagwyrm.pngWitch.png Shrachlor.pngWitch Freia.pngWitch Keka.pngWitch Rosice.png

Rabbit Paw Amulet Rabbit paw amulet.png Some say that this amulet brings luck to its wearer.
8% hit chance
65g 100

Goblin Summoner.pngOutlaw Hunter.pngWitch.png Witch Freia.pngWitch Keka.pngWitch Rosice.png

Pendant of the Protectorate Pendant of the Protectorate.png An amulet worn by all Knights of The Protectorate 20
-20% nature
205g 110

Protectorate Knight.pngQuagwyrm.pngWirathistle.png Lord Volent.png Quest Reward

Stormwitch Talisman Stormwitch talisman.png 10
6% nature
6% destructive
1% movement speed
205g 110

Witch.png Witch Freia.pngWitch Keka.pngWitch Rosice.png

Firestone Amulet Firestone amulet.png This amulet absorbs a portion of magic inflicted upon its wearer (-15%), and redirects it to enhance the user's destructive magic. 12
5% destructive
56g 120

Gloptoad.pngPredator.pngQuagwyrm.pngToad.pngWirathistle.pngWitch.png Witch Keka.png

Moon Amulet Moon amulet.png A favourite amongst Malieran magicians.
8% nature
8% destructive
8% protective
8% support
31g 120

Gloptoad.pngProtectorate Knight.pngQuagwyrm.pngSkeleton.pngWiralof.pngWirathistle.pngWitch.png Ferorn Morphis.pngLord Volent.pngSirl Imparo.pngWitch Freia.pngWitch Keka.pngWitch Rosice.png Quest Reward

Phantasm Amulet Phantasm amulet.png Grants the wearer increased average damage, movement speed, and dodge chance. 5
12 dexterity
55g 200

Gloptoad.pngPisaura.pngQuagwyrm.pngToad.pngWirathistle.pngWitch.png Witch Freia.pngWitch Keka.pngWitch Rosice.png